By TCN News,. New Delhi: The Post-Sachar Evaluation Committee, headed by Prof Amitabh Kundu, presented its final report to Dr Najma. The perspective of the Sachar Committee Report. Role of positive . professor Amitabh Kundu .. of the original Sachar committee report. that study as well as from the Sachar Committee report released in . Amitabh Kundu, Sept ), which found that financial constraints.

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Najma A Heptulla file photo. Also, given that financial constraints are cited as a common reason for such drop out, the Committee recommends:. The share of minorities in government employment remains low — less than half of the share of their total population in the country — a,itabh all efforts.

The Centre has not yet clarified whether it has accepted the recommendations of the Kundu Committee, as it later came to be known as. It is possible that they are more likely to amltabh to enhance family incomes. Follow us on Instagram tcnpix.

The Summary and Recommendations of the Kundu committee: The legislation must provide a statutory definition of discrimination that specifies a legal threshold for recognizing the many ways the latter manifests itself and provides legally mandated civil remedies, it added. Without a broad range of empowerment initiatives, Muslim women will be unable to address their vulnerability and work towards empowerment.

The poor impact of the 15 PP does, therefore, calls for urgent course correction.

Indian government heads to control online media, forms committee. This must be corrected by government-led planned and targeted recruitment drives in a time commiytee manner.

‘Summary and Recommendations’ of the Kundu Committee |

Read Post a comment. The benefits of Affirmative Action must be extended only to the most backward sub-category, identified rigorously.

In addition, the committee, as it mentioned in the covering letter to the ministryevaluated all other flagship programmes run by the ministry and also examined trends in consumption expenditure, poverty estimates, access to kunu and PDS, MGNREGA and Aadhaar. The Committee further recommends extensive application of diversity index in resource allocation, implementation of policies and programmes of the government and functioning of the institutions.

  09 2004 TT NHNN PDF

An expert group, headed by Prof Amitabh Kundu, in its report submitted in Junehad recommended the constitution of a diversity commission to oversee the incentivisation of diversity both in public and private domain, particularly in education institutions, employment establishments and housing societies.

The share of minorities in government employment remains low — less than half of the share of their total population in the country — despite all efforts. Four months after it received the Committed Kundu Committee report on the status of Muslims in the country, the Ministry of Minority Affairs is not sure what to do with it. Development for the Muslim minority must be built on bedrock of a sense of security. This needs to be appropriately addressed in the Twelfth Plan.

Muslim women must have access to institutional and policy level commmittee. Youth leadership programmes should also be initiated amitbh strengthen this process. Muslims as SC, health surveys on religion and background basis: However, Muslims could get only kundy Contrary to the intent of the programme, we find that the 15 PP is reduced often to a mere accounting exercise.

This Committee, in addition recommends formulation and enactment of a comprehensive Anti-Discrimination Legislation to prohibit discrimination based on disability, sex, caste, religion and other criteria.

This must define the framework of reporting the achievements. At this level of education, immediate employability is a key concern of the families. Woman gives birth on railway platform; cops create labour room The OBC Muslims were the most deprived at all levels of education. The budgetary allocation of Ministry of Minority Affairs has been increased from Rs. The present Committee found that the data base required for evaluating the access and reach of Government programmes do not yet exist and had to rely on NSS for many of its findings that could help generate only final outcome indicators.

Percentage of increase in share of urban population in the case of Muslims is low, especially in smaller urban centers, reflecting social factors and discrimination constraining their mobility.

Kundu Committee Submits Post Sachchar Evaluation Report

Reservations are only one of several tools to address widespread, systemic discrimination in a society. The new pilot schemes should be reviewed in a time-bound manner and up-scaled. This must be corrected by government-led planned and targeted recruitment drives in a time bound manner. The report was submitted to the ministry on September 20,10 days ahead of commottee expiry of the revised term of the committee. The natural advantage that Muslims, largely due to internal cultural norms, have demonstrated in terms comittee initial health outcomes better sex ratio, better life expectancy at birth, better child survival for both girls and boys is reversed due to unequal access to health kindu and amenities.


All government micro-credit and SHG programmes should stipulate a special focus on Muslim women and earmark funds accordingly.

4 months on, no movement on Kundu committee report

Targeting and monitoring of health interventions under National Health Committew NHM by socio-religious community and other background characteristics would be extremely important for addressing the problems differential access to health care facilities and utilization.

Strengthening of the community-based facilities should also be attempted to increase access for the Muslim women. A more systematic need based assessment of the development deficits in MCDs for determination of the targets under different schemes should take place. Guidelines must mandate a specific number of Social Audits to be undertaken during each 6 monthly monitoring cycle.

The actual expenditure incurred till This implies that the Muslim community, irrespective of gender and rural-urban residence, are less likely to attain Secondary and Higher Secondary level of education. Efforts to incentivize and promote integrated housing and neighborhoods is the most durable way to improve living conditions for all citizens, because divergence in living conditions will persist as long as different communities occupy differentiated spaces in the urban geography.

The report proposed that diversity gap would be measured along the kunru three dimensions: