APR was a low cost high performance sound record/play IC widely used by Single chip, high quality voice recording and playback solution; User Quality Line Receiver; High Quality Analog to Digitaland PWM module. Voice Module 60 Sec project will playback and record up to 60 seconds of voice message. This circuit is an This circuit is based on APR IC from Aplus. General Description. The APR devi ce offers true single-chip voice recording, non-volatile storage, and playback capability for 40 to 60 sec- onds.

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Voice Recording and Play Back Circuit using APR – Best Engineering Projects

It should be noted that if a trace is running on the top layer, check with the components to make sure you can get to its pins with a soldering iron. An APR is a single chip voice recorder and playback device from Aplus integrated circuits.

The system employs a user friendly design and provides for an automatic location name announcement system. Learn how your comment data is processed. GPS based voice alert system for the blind uses the current location and moduke the. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. After the suc- cessful compilation of the program, it is dumped into the microcontroller using a dumper. Important thing to remember is that, if you increase the sampling rate, the duration of message will reduce and vice-versa.

It consists of 6 pins from A0 to A5 Port B: This project would be a great fit for your railway model. This device is designed to provide a voice based an- nouncement for the user, i. You can connect with me on: The recordable sound is changed to voice signal using microphone and given to IC 1 through differential amplifier. The first phase would involve recording of the voice in the voice module.

After storing the location swe need to restart the system. GPS based blind man device with user input interfacing voice based intellectually finds the current location and gives the alert to the blind man if voixe was his apr96000 area. It consists of 8 pins from C0 to C7 Port D: Voice Module 60 Sec project will playback and record up to 60 seconds of voice message.


Here instead of an alarm sound the blind man can directly hear the location rec- orded by the user itself. The above disadvan- tage can be removed by using a higher efficiency GPS receiver. Single sided boards are cheaper to produce and easier to etch, but much harder to design for large projects.

The only major disadvantage of this system is the time taken by the GPS to receive its initial signal from the sa- tellite, i. If you have any comments or suggestions please use our contact page We strictly ignore emails regarding post helps or explanation of circuits and projects ; for those purpose please use our comment feature ; We will surely help you by replying to your comment; It may helps other too.

Can you help me? Best Arduino Projects 2. Keep the sampling rate preset PR1 in the middle position to test a sample of the recorded message. Sampling rate for a 60 second recording period is 4.

All normal C data types are supported along with pointers to constant arrays, fixed point decimal, and arrays of bits. This paper describes the concept using mldule microcontroller based system.

Voice Recording and Play Back Circuit using APR9600

Moudle select the source for recording through CN1 Connector. Voive are various types of voice processing chip IC with various features for speech compression and processing is readily available. This chip used flash non volatile memory to store up to voltage levels. Basically, all PIC microcon- trollers offer the following features:. A double sided board is more expensive to produce professionally, more difficult to etch on a DIY board, but makes the layout of components a lot smaller and moeule.

Complete Electrical Symbol 3. Switches marked M1 to M8 are available in this mode. It consists of 8 pins from D0 to D7 Port E: If a lot of parts are being used in a small space it may be difficult to make a single sided board without jumpering over traces with a cable. The procedure is the same as described above in MOD8, and the keys available in this mode are M1 to M4.


The replayed sound exhibits high quality with a low noise level. Press the restart button iii. This is due to the fact that voive PIC has no stack to push variables onto, and mofule because of the way the compilers optimize modu,e code.

Gener- ally, we put power traces on the top of the board, jump- ing only to the bottom if a part cannot be soldered onto the top plane like a relayand vice- versa. This software is used for designing the circuit.

Not only is a proper PCB neater but it is also more durable as there are no cables which can yank loose. Presence of every module has been reasoned out and placed carefully, thus contributing to the best working of the system.

When using a double sided board we must consider which traces should be on what side of the board. Its primary use is to wpr9600 the latitude and longi- tude of the current location. Project Using and 4. This chip have many features like, one can select sample rates with consequent quality and recording times.

APR9600 Voice Recording Playback Module Support Single Chip

By this it can trace out the distance from the destination and pro- duce an alarm to alert the user in advance. It stores the data of the current location which it receives from the GPS system, so that it can make use of the data stored to compare with voiec destination location of the user. A device or apr99600 that supplies electrical or other types of energy to an output load or group of loads is called a power supply unit or PSU.

You May Also Like. Hi, I am making miniature railway model and I need similar circuit in which I can play pre-recorded horn by pressing button. GPS provides accurate location and time informa- tion for an unlimited number of people in all weather, day and night, anywhere in the world. Arp9600 so, we can track the movement of the Blind person in a very efficient manner.