If Arimaa is played using a chess set, the pieces may be represented by the king, queen, knights, bishops, rooks, and pawns respectively. In fact, “Arimaa” is “Aamir” spelled backwards plus an initial “a”. In Syed published the rules to Arimaa and announced a $10, prize, available through . (“Arimaa” is “Aamir” spelled backwards plus an initial “a”). In , Syed published the rules to Arimaa and announced a $ prize, available annually until.

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Experienced players will sometimes do this, but the downside is that a rabbit could get pushed into a protected trap and then could never step back, creating a mess for the home player.

Sometimes, a player willingly allows a friendly piece to be framed or hostaged, due to the space advantage rulles deadlocking elephants around an away trap. Your opponent may be strong on one side, but you may still have a good opportunity on the other side. Here, Gold can soon take over f6 or perhaps c6, unless the silver elephant goes north.

Arimaa/Playing The Game

The silver elephant can switch wings at any time to threaten the gold camel, at no cost other than giving arima the frame. If Silver arijaa abandons her camel, the gold elephant should then pull it into the trap, finishing on c4 or d3, near the action.

A piece is brought next to an unprotected trap, and hemmed in on two sides. As long as both gold horses remained securely beside f6, and the silver elephant was the only strong silver piece in the northeast, it would have to stay there to prevent captures and then a goal.

At that point, Silver had only one way to stop it, and that left her elephant on the f3 trap square.

For example, the gold elephant on d3 could not simultaneously push the silver ruules on d2 to e2 and pull the silver rabbit from c3 to d3. The game can also be won by capturing all of the opponent’s rabbits elimination or by depriving the opponent of legal moves immobilization.


The false protection capture of the silver elephant is described as Mb4e db3n cd3e Hd4s ec3x. Likewise the silver elephant does not armiaa to abandon c6, because the gold horse and elephant together could force the capture of any silver piece near the trap.

Arimaa | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Instead of adding a second defender to a trap, one can sometimes obstruct the path of an attacking piece. With the gold elephant stuck, the gold camel is the only piece that could dislodge a silver horse, but Silver can easily stop such an intrusion in the west.

Silver could try moving northwest pieces to the southeast, threatening gold pieces in f3 while also making room for the silver camel to dislodge the f7 horse. It is thus important that the gold cat remain on c2. Even if you’ve never learned how to play Chess, you can learn to play Arimaa in just five minutes.

Even had the gold elephant defended c3, Gold’s long-term prospects would have been bleak; more silver pieces could have advanced in the west, and the silver camel could have countered anything the gold camel did. This gets out of tactics and into strategy.

Arimaa/Print version

rule Arimaa was invented in by Omar Syed, [4] an Indian-American computer engineer trained in artificial intelligence. The dogs on a6 and b6 do not freeze each other, as they are of equal strength.

Even if both silver horses escaped, Gold could capture the silver camel and minimize his own losses, since Silver would have lost time getting her horses to safety. The rabbit will theoretically be frozen once it reaches c8, but Gold will have won regardless.


Thus one cannot, for example, take one step forward and one step back with the same piece, effectively agimaa the turn and evading zugzwang. Also, a piece may not push and pull simultaneously. Also Jean Daligault, arimaaa time Arimaa world champion, [11] wrote Arimaa Strategies and Tactics which is geared towards those who have started playing Arimaa and want to improve their game. A camel frame can be strong, however, if it gives the framer an advantage in free pieces.

Diagram 1 shows one possible initial placement. Gold has chosen “cats behind the traps, dogs back”, while Silver has used “dogs behind the traps, cats back”.

Were a gold horse or camel nearby, silver dogs likely could not hold both e3 and f4. Not only could Silver then threaten captures in c3, but she could also flip the gold camel to c5, with a threat to capture it in c6.

Username Password Remember Me Lost your password? This article has also been viewed 3, times. Silver can make this harder to accomplish, by sliding the d7, c7, b7, and a7 pieces east. If both defenders left or got dislodged, the c3 rabbit would be lost.

How to Play Arimaa: 14 Steps – wikiHow

Gold to move cannot prevent a horse frame: From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. If Silver is well-positioned for a quick elephant rotation, a hostage might gules of negative value for Gold. It has become apparent, however, that early pulling cedes valuable space and time to the opponent, who might advance on the other wing or even find ways to use the pulled pieces to his advantage.