The Koran Interpreted is a translation of the Qur’an (the Islamic religious text) by Arthur John Arberry. The translation is from the original Arabic into English. Arthur John Arberry, as Head of the Department of Classics at Cairo University, acquired a firsthand knowledge of literary and social conditions in the Islamic. The Koran Interpreted [Arthur J. Arberry] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Koran was revealed from about A>D> to

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Yet had they believed, and been godfearing, a recompense from God had been better, if they had but known.

And shake the trunk of the palm-tree toward thee: Retrieved from ” https: Any one of you who has not the affluence to be able to marry believing freewomen in wedlock, let him take believing handmaids that your right hands own; God knows very well your faith; the one of you is as the other. Then she brought him to her own folk, carrying him.

Since I believe that every literate person ought to be familiar with the Bible and the Koran, I struggled for decades to finish the Penguin Classics edition translated by N.

Then their Prophet said to them, ‘Verily God has raised up Saul for you as king. Therefore in God let the believers put all their trust. Then He turned you from them, that He might try you; and He has pardoned you; and God is bounteous to the believers.

Nor are the vulgar permitted to read it, but live and die in an implicite faith of what their Priests deliver. Or, he might not. And those of you who die, leaving wives, they shall wait by themselves for four months and ten nights; when they have reached their term then it is no fault in you what they may do with themselves honourably.

O believers, expend of the good things you have earned, and of that We have produced for you from the earth, and intend not the corrupt of it for your expending; for you would never take it yourselves, except you closed an eye on it; and know that God is All-sufficient, All-laudable.

Retrieved 29 February Dr Bell was a most erudite scholar of Arabic, and had devoted many years to his ‘critical re-arrangement of the Surahs’. She said, What shall be the reward of him who seeketh to commit evil in thy family, but imprisonment, and a painful punishment? No part of the matter is thine, whether He turns towards them again, or chastises them; for they are evildoers. As for those in whose hearts is swerving, they follow the ambiguous part, desiring dissension, and desiring its interpretation; and none knows its interpretation, save only God.

In such time their mates have better right to restore them, if they desire to set things right. And the pangs of childbirth drove her unto the trunk of the palm-tree. So eat and drink and be consoled.


O daughter of Aaron, thy father was not a bad man nor was thy mother a harlot. As I understand it, the Koran, as it is written in the origional Arabic, is very poetic, and Arberry did his best to convey this in his translation. Receive Thou this from me; Thou hearest, raberry knowest. They will question thee kiran what they should expend. Or do you desire to question your Messenger as Moses was questioned in former time?

O all you who believe, seek you help in patience and prayer; surely God is with the patient. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Forbidden to you are your mothers and daughters, your sisters, your aunts paternal and maternal, your brother’s daughters, your sister’s daughters, your mothers who have given suck to you, arthhur suckling sisters, your wives’ mothers, your stepdaughters who are in your care being born of your wives you have been in to — but if you have not yet been in to them it is no fault in you — and the spouses of your sons who are of your loins, athur that you should take to you two sisters together, unless it be a thing of the past; God is All-forgiving, All- compassionate; and wedded women, save what your right hands own.

It does have a chronological table of the basic events in Mohammed’s life. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. And they ran to get one before the other to the door; and she arberey his inner garment aberry. The more insight we obtain, from undoubted historical sources, into the actual character of Muhammad, the less reason do we find to justify the strong vituperative language poured out upon his head by arthr, Prideaux, and others, in recent days, one of whom has found, in the Byzantine “Maometis”, the number of the Beast!

The Koran Interpreted: A Translation: A. J. Arberry: : Books

Those who were given the Book were not at variance except after the knowledge came to them, being insolent one to another. Surely in that is a sign for you, if you are believers.

And peace be on me the day whereon I was born, and the day whereon I shall die, and the day whereon I shall be raised to life. And some there are of them that are common folk not knowing the Book, but only fancies and mere conjectures.

It is easy for Me. Since I do not read Arabic, it made no sense to get a dual language edition. O believers, prescribed for you is retaliation, touching the slain; freeman for aeberry, slave for slave, female for female.

Do not make God a hindrance, through your oaths, to being pious and godfearing, and putting things right between men. This is how Sale translates the story of the Nativity, his carefully italicized ‘supplies’ being intentionally reminiscent of the Authorized Version of the Bible: God will not leave the believers in the state in which you are, till He shall distinguish the corrupt from the good, and God will not inform you of the Unseen; but God chooses out of His Messengers whom He will.


God bears witness that there is no god but He — and the angels, and men possessed of knowledge — upholding justice; there is no god but He, the All-mighty, the All- wise. Muhammad Jlhn, Persian PsalmsLahore, Being based upon a text lithographed in Turkey, it follows a numeration of the verses frequently differing from that adopted by Fluegel; this gives rise to not a little confusion. I will set thy followers above the unbelievers till the Resurrection Day.

But how will it be, when We gather them for a day whereon is no doubt, and every soul shall be paid in full what it has earned, and they shall not be wronged?

And when you korn a living soul, and disputed thereon — and God disclosed what you were hiding — so We said, ‘Smite him with part of it’; even so God brings to life the dead, and He shows you His signs, that haply you may have understanding. God loves not the aggressors.

The Koran Interpreted

Certainly Rodwell does not doubt that the Koran was the product of Muhammad’s own imagination; but his estimate of Muhammad’s character is not lacking in charity and even admiration: No eBook available SimonandSchuster.

Surely in the creation of the heavens and earth and in the alternation of night and day there are signs for men possessed of minds who remember God, standing and sitting and on their sides, and reflect upon the creation of the heavens and the earth: The likeness of that they expend in this ooran life is as the likeness of a freezing blast that smites the tillage of a people who wronged themselves, and it destroyed that; God wronged them not, but themselves they wronged.

I uohn not here inquire into the reasons why the law of Mohammed has met with so unexampled a reception in the world for they are greatly deceived who imagine it to have been propagated by the sword aloneor by what means it came to be embraced by nations which never felt the force of the Mohammedan arms, and even by those which stripped the Arabians of their conquests, and put an end to the sovereignty and very being of their Khalifs: