Clanbook: Assamite – Revised Edition – A Cult of Killers The clans of Caine have only recently seen the true face of Clan Assamite. Ex Inferis – a custom path of Assamite Sorcery, by Adamus. Merits & Flaws – brief summary of the merits & flaws listed in the Revised Assamite clanbook, plus. Clanbook Assamite: Revised – WW This is the one true Must-Have for all players of Assamite characters. It brings the Assamites into the modern nights.

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Clanbook: Assamite Revised

Jeff rated it liked it Oct 18, Quite a few Assammite characters are found within its pages, among which are Al-Ashrad, and the first appearance of Ur-Shulgi. Sheniver rated it liked it Jun 20, If you want to understand the roots of the modern Assamites, this book is a very good place to start. Resources Downloads Links you are here: The book gives a rather outdated view of the Assamite clan, focussing mainly on the warrior caste.

Larry Wile rated it liked it Jun 20, A diverse clan of noble warriors, erudite scholars, learned sorcerers and murderous diablerists, the Assamites have stepped forth to claim their legacy in the Final Nights. The sheer volume of information contained in the new clanbooks each 32 pages longer than the first-edition series permits Storytellers to round out their chronicles. Assamite – WW The second book in the Dark Ages Clan Novel series, this fiction book tells the story of Amala, a female Assamite warrior, and her struggle with religion in the face of a Cainite Crusade.

It takes the mention of “viziers” who know blood magic from the main rulebook and expands it out in a tripartite caste system.


One of its chapters is an elaborate description of Dur-An-Ki, an esoteric Middle Eastern form of blood magic practised by many Assamite Sorcerers. The Viziers were first, scholars and diplomats created by Haqim, a warrior who was already sick of war by the time he was Embraced.

Open Preview See a Problem? Assamite Revised is to take the Assamites and rescue them from their portrayal as a bunch of Arabic murderers who are howling for the blood of other vampires and somehow manage to be an entire Clan of contract killers, and it does an excellent job. Also included are many new paths and rituals.

Clanbook: Assamite Revised by Clayton Oliver

All three Assamite castes are represented, and it is a very difficult book to put down. Chris rated it liked it Jul 15, The Masquerade ClanbooksVampire: Stephanie rated it it was ok Mar 30, The Masquerade Clanbooks 1 – 10 of 26 books.

Tedthulhu rated it it was amazing Dec 03, The characters listed in this book range from Seraphs and Justicars to lowly neonates. This is when the Clans started to get a bit less broadly archetypical.

The book describes the Sorcerer’s paradigm and pragmatical approach to their craft. Assamite Revised absolutely delivers. The two-page description of the Assamite clan still places emphasis on the warrior caste, but it hints at the changes to come in the revised clanbook.

I know a lot of people dislike metaplot with good reason–there’s nothing like learning that future books will be useless to one’s one game, or that a beloved character is destined for tragedy in the canon game–but here it serves the purpose of expanding the range of playable Assamites.


The Masquerade Clanbooks by Clayton Oliver.

Patrick rated it liked it Apr 28, Thom Langan rated it liked it Mar 06, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The High Price of Undeath As part of the revised lineup of clanbooks, Assamite takes one of the classic sourcebooks for the game and brings it into a modern context.

But that was also in the ancient past and not as useful for people running a modern-day game of Vampire, and on that score Clanbook: Kevin Schmidt rated it it was ok Jul 08, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Dimitrios Sfikas rated it liked it Aug 25, Dan Grendell rated it liked it Mar 08, Bonnie Goodwin rated it it was amazing Dec 06, I had no desire to play insultingly stereotypical Arabic terrorist murder vampires, but after clanbooo Clanbook: Some people would say axsamite.

All of them are right. A sizable contingent under al-Ashrad, Amr of the Sorcerer caste and also in Children of the Nightdefected to Camarilla territory with the aim of eventual Camarilla membership.

All-new information accompanies a re-examination of earlier concepts, allowing you to add as much depth to your character as you like. There are powers to affect the descendants of a particular target, infuse emotions into the blood, cause a guilty target to sweat blood, and The consummate predator, the manipulator from behind the scenes, the aesthete dedicated to the beauty of the night, and so on.