Athanasius of Alexandria also called Athanasius the Great, Athanasius the Confessor or, He was known as Athanasius Contra Mundum (Latin for Athanasius Against the World). two earliest treatises Contra Gentes (Against the Heathens) and De Incarnatione (On the Incarnation), which were admittedly written about the. LibriVox recording of Contra Gentes, by Athanasius of Alexandria. Read by Jonathan Lange. Contra Gentes is the first of a two volume work. ATHANASIUS: CONTRA GENTES. TRANSLATION AND COMMENTARY CONTENTS OF THE ‘CONTRA GENTES’ Introduction (1). I. The origin of evil: man’s.

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Proof of the existence of the rational soul.

But because the Universe that has been made is one, it is necessary to believe that its Maker also is one. For this is why the Artificer Himself made the whole universe one, lest by the coexistence of more than one a plurality of makers should be supposed; but that as the work is one, its Maker also may be believed to be One.

And just as men who have turned from the sun and have come into dark places go round by many pathless ways, and see not those who are present, while they imagine those to be there who are not, and seeing see not; so they that have turned from God and whose soul is darkened, have their mind in a roving state, and like men who are drunk and cannot see, imagine what is not true. She writes that when the Patriarch Alexander was on his death-bed he called Athanasius, who fled fearing he would be constrained to be made Bishop.

Either the actions must be defended or the deity of the gods given up.

Athanasius of Alexandria – Wikipedia

What defense, then, what proof that these are real gods, can they offer who hold this superstition? Completed probably early in his life, before the Arian controversy, [30] they constitute the first classic work of developed Orthodox theology.

But by what is not I mean what is evilin so far as it consists in a false imagination in the thoughts of men. For even if they do not sacrifice the very animals the others have consecratedyet by sacrificing their fellows they seem to offer the same. Edited by Robert Volk.

Against the Heathen

For if our argument has proved it to be distinct from the body, while the body is by nature mortal, it follows that the soul is immortalbecause it is not like the body.


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Inat the age of 27, Athanasius began his leading role against the Arians as a deacon athanaxius assistant to Bishop Alexander of Athanasuis during the First Council of Nicaea. By reason of Him all the sea, and the great ocean, move within their proper bounds, while, as we said above, the dry land grows grasses and is clothed with all manner of diverse plants.

The phenomena of dreams bentes this out. The orthodox fathers refused to accept any creed but the Nicene, while the others were equally in favour of the Sirmian. Athanasius is the first person to identify the same 27 books of the New Testament that are in use today. For if He consists of parts, certainly it will follow that He is unlike Himself, and made up of unlike parts.

Attempts were made to leave the presents in The Church, but Liberius threw them out. For it is impossible for them to exist together, because they are mutually destructive. Clearly the true Faith.

Contra Gentes

We also are men of like passions with you, and bring you good tidings, to turn from these vain things unto a Living GodWho made the heaven and the earth and the sea, and all that in them is, Who in the generations gone by suffered all nations to walk in their own ways. For if it is an admitted truth about God that He stands in need of nothing, but is self-sufficient and self-contained, and that in Him all things have their being, and that He ministers to all rather than they to Him, how is it right to proclaim as gods the sun and moon and other parts of creation, which are of no such kind, but which even stand in need of one another’s help?

John Henry Newman described him as a “principal instrument, after the Apostles, by which the sacred truths of Christianity have been conveyed and secured to the world”.

Who that sees the clouds supported in air, and the weight of the waters bound up in the clouds, can but perceive Him that binds them up and has ordered these things so?

Gregory of Nazianzus — begins Or. Antonio Orbe Compostellanum Vol. Eastern Bishop Gregory of Cappadocia died, probably of violence in June of Rubenstein suggests that Athanasius ascended to the rank of bishop in Alexandria under questionable circumstances because some questioned whether he had reached the minimum age of 30 years, and further that Athanasius employed force when it suited his cause or personal interests.


Which very thing the Saviour declared and confirmed, when He said: For if the reason of their being thus fashioned is, that the Deity is of human form, why do they invest it also with the forms of irrational creatures?

The two met in autumn of For God did not take His stand upon His invisible nature let none plead that as an excuse and leave Himself utterly unknown to men; but as I said above, He so ordered Creation that although He is by nature invisible He may yet be known by His works.

But the God of all is good and exceeding noble by nature, — and therefore is kind. And while the Bithynians have adopted others, the Armenians have imagined others again. What then can this be, save a rational and immortal soul? And why, on this principle, are not all inventors deified? At Antioch he had an interview with the new emperor, who received him graciously and even asked him to prepare an exposition of the orthodox faith. But perhaps they will turn to another argument, and proudly appeal to the things useful to life discovered by them, saying that the reason why they regard them as gods is their having been of use to mankind.

Historian Cornelius Clifford said in his account: Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. The original creation and constitution of man in grace and in the knowledge of God. Or if it be both at once, and they conceive God to be of the two combined, namely, that He has the forms both of rational and of irrational, why do they separate what is joined together, and separate the images of brutes and of meninstead of always carving it of both kinds, such as are the fictions in the myths, Scylla, Charybdis, the Hippocentaur, and the dog-headed Anubis of the Egyptians?

While men, denying their nature, and no longer wishing to be males, put on the guise of womenunder the idea that they are thus gratifying and honouring the Mother of their so-called gods.