Rios de fuego/Rivers of Fire (Atherton): : Patrick Carman, Daniel Cortes Coronas: Books. After Atherton’s three-tiered world collapses, ending the geographical division of the social classes, Edgar, Samuel, and Isabel try to restore the. Tags: Rios de fuego / Rivers of Fire (Atherton) (Spanish Edition) ( ) Patrick Carman, Daniel Cortes Coronas, tutorials, pdf.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Vicious, angry creatures from the Flatlands now have complete free reign of the entirety of Atherton.

When the door was opened they let Lord Phineus run down the corridor and d him till they got to Dr.

Rios de fuego / Rivers of Fire : Patrick Carman :

Additionally, I think that people who might like medieval books or anything like that would enjoy this book because a lot of parts have to do with knights and horses. Kincaid, Samuel, Isabel and Sir William to a laboratory.

Also, I did not know that this wasn’t a stand alone book, but rather the first in a series. I believe this book does a good job of picking up where the last one just ended. Thematic Connection There were a lot of themes in Rivers of Firebut a main one was showing courage when times got tough. Wallace also emphasizes coming to terms with your enemies in your own way.


Planners, calendars and journals are always useful, as are cute and funny gifts that make them giggle.

Definitely read House of Power first if you haven’t. Rivers of Fire – Audio. In the meantime, the villagers are battling the Cleaners.

I love the rest of the characters, except sir Emerik, that motherfucker. The only problem is that the tribe Everyone evacuated the highlands to go to the village of rabbits. It starts off with Edgar traveling to the highlands which is now sinking into Atherton. I felt sad about Horace and Wallace. House of Power was pretty good. Kincaid, Vincent and Edgar make their way towards the edge of the Highlands, intent on entering the secret undergr. Recommendation I would recommend this book to ninth graders and beyond, because it is a has a bit more mature vocabulary.

Samuel and Isabel are already inside. While Edgar and friends search desperately for the way to save Atherton from its apparent physical self-destruction, the villagers and the people from the Highlands must unite to battle the hungry and vicious Cleaners — giant, nasty, centipede-like monsters that are basically all razor-sharp teeth and legs.

Rivers of Fire

Edgar arrives at the village and finds tw Rivers Of Fire Personal Response I enjoyed Rivers Of Fire because felt a better connection to the characters in this book then I did in the first one because I learned more about their family and their personalities. While the two look really similar, they actually have very different personalities, namely because Samuel likes to read books.


If he athegton in the book, maybe then more of his secrets would rioe revealed. They all escape the room and head towards Dr. The world of Atherton is on a course of revolutionary happenings: However, I found the premise very interesting, so I picked it up and re-read it, then continued on to this book.

I would recommend it to any who liked the first Atherton, since this book completes the story. Where ed could Dr.

Carman does a great job at word-building, esp. While the first was an enjoyable, middle grade story, that’s all that it was. Edgar’s friends are stuck underground with the rejects of Atherton and the rivers of fire but there are other secrets in these caves I would recommend ds to are middle age and adult who i wouldnt recomend this too are people who dislike fiction or suspense. Refresh and try again.