Battlehawks is a naval air combat flight simulation video game released in by and Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe (). The page manual for Battlehawks includes a page illustrated overview of the Pacific War. Battlehawks is a World War II flight simulation video game released in by LucasFilm On a side note, the manual for Battlehawks included. Battlehawks Manual (pdf):: Battlehawks was a World War II naval air combat flight simulation created by designer Lawrence.

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Back at the American task force, an attacking Japanese submarine torpedoed the destroyer Porter, which later had to be sunk by the Americans.

Then, go into the game to prepare the disk for use. Avengers later participated in the Battle of the Eastern Solomons and the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, and played valuable roles in other battlehakws naval engagements throughout the war.

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Leaving an oil slick bwttlehawks was easily spotted by American planes, the two ships were later attacked by land-based aircraft, with little damage done. When the torpedo plane was within 1, yards or less of the target, the torpedo was released.

Then switch to the straight down view. The counterattacking Bs, flying high above the Japanese bsttlehawks and their Zero fighter cover, dropped their bombs without any hits, and returned to Midway after the Japanese attack.

When Japanese reconnaissance planes began dropping flares on the scene, the American destroyers fled. When you battlehawka, the briefing will be replaced by a list of options.

Since none of the results of these Training missions will appear in your Service Record, we encourage you to take chances and make mistakes when flying them. If it did hit the target, its pound warhead often failed to explode.

Battlehawks Manual (pdf) :: DJ OldGames

In any case, the cursor keys arrow keys can function as the controller. It took many bullets from these guns to damage the sturdy American planes. To make the most of your rear gunner, make sure you are flying level, or at least in a gradual climb with no loss in speed, before switching to the rear view. The Japanese invasion task force, which had reversed its course when the Shoho was attacked, was ordered back to Rabaul until the U.


Here’s how to move through all your menu choices, including reviewing planes, selecting missions, and keeping track of your pilot records.

Battlehawks 1942 (PC, 1988)

Continuing the roll, he would dive down on the enemy at a 60 degree angle, and attack at a 45 degree angle. Whitney R early ; Wingspan: You will need to compensate for the speed of your target, the angle at which it crosses mnaual line of sight, and its distance away from you. Insert Battlehawks Disk 2 into any drive when prompted. Their position was barely within range of the U.

NAME This indicates the name and model of your aircraft. Pacific Fleet, ordered Midway to be reinforced, and land-based B bombers were flown in from Hawaii to repel the attack of the invading task forces. Suggestion for Two Disk-Drive System To load the game faster and eliminate disk-switching, insert both game disk gattlehawks the same time, rather than just inserting Battlehawks Disk 1.

Thirty scout bombers and eight torpedo planes from the Saratoga were launched to search out and attack the carrier. But once you have released your bomb, by all means split up from the group, and weave and doge to make yourself a tougher target.

That same day, the Hiryu was badly damaged by aircraft from the Yorktown and Enterprise, and was scuttled the next day. Navy and Marine Corps were flying Wildcats, with being used by the navy alone at the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Inthe Shokaku was badly damaged in the attack and knocked out of action for nine months. Retrieved from ” https: The Soryu and Kaga sank later that evening, while the next morning the Akagi and Hiryu were scuttled by Japanese destroyers to prevent them from falling into American hands. Fly your unescorted Dauntless in a strike against the well-protected Japanese Support Group ships.

When they’re fully extended downward, flaps can also slow the airplane by increasing the amount of drag on a wing. I think the manual is floating around somewhere online, otherwise it’s one of the best flight sims made prior to the VGA era.

In rare instances, you may even run out of fuel. Despite the fact that only seven bombers actually dropped their bombloads, three bombs struck the Yorktown and left it dead in the water. Then, to actually choose the highlighted selection and move on to the next screen, press RETURN or press and release your controller button.

Then you can rotate your plane by moving your control stick left or right until the target is directly in front of you. Roll is controlled by moving the control stick left or right, which causes the plane to roll in that direction.

Meanwhile, the rear gunner of his dive bomber had a minimum deflection shot at the approaching enemy. I think you’ll agree they’ve done a great job of capturing the details of the cockpits, the feeling of flight, and the sensation of attack. Even though it was not considered combat-worthy, it was in use aboard U. The listing, powerless carrier was soon abandoned by its crew.

Use this feature to record and replay the events happening around you.