Francesca (The Silk Merchant’s Daughters) [Bertrice Small] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York Times bestselling author Bertrice . Francesca (The Silk Merchant’s Daughters) [Bertrice Small] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After her older sister’s arranged marriage is a. Francesca. Bertrice Small. Buy This Book. Reading Francesca proved to be such a long, horrific process for me, I began to wonder how in the.

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Francesca: The Silk Merchant’s Daughters

The French girl, Acelinde, was not happy when Francesca was chosen instead of her, and she has made quite a scene. The Silk Merchant’s Daughters 2. Bertrice Small is a romance writing legend. Devoted reader I have been reading Me Snail’s books for years.

Francesca has scorned every suitable suitor in Florence and her parents are now shipping her off to the northern territory of Terreno Boscono better get used to this name because you’ll be reading it A LOT with hope she smalp be chosen as to bertice the bride of the future duke.

Just as spellbinding as its predecessor Bianca, a great read!! It was more like a reality. Recovering from the vertigo, I then had to adjust to dialogue so stilted and expositional it read like a parody of a novel.

Francesca: The Silk Merchant’s Daughters by Bertrice Small – Penguin Books Australia

Sign up to our newsletter using your email. You may be wondering why I went with a D- instead of an F grade on this one. But Bertrice Small, or her God love an old-school Renaissance-era romance novel!

Traveling frabcesca alone, she gets lost in the forest for about two pages only to emerge and obtain instant employment as a serving wench at an inn even though she has never so much as brushed her own hair. Oct 07, Pages. But very early the next morning soldiers come to take her with them, and she is taken to the castle where she is bathed and dressed for her own wedding.


But the future remains uncertain for the runaway bride, who is still promised to another. Francesca is one of three maidens selected as potential bride for Rafaello.

Francesca (The Silk Merchant’s Daughters, #2) by Bertrice Small

However, Small did something she hasn’t in quite some time – added a mega-dose of history and political intrigue.

But Bertrice Small, or her ghostwriters she passed at age 77 intwo years after this publication insays “ah, hell no, I’ve written zillions of romance novels just like this and I’m gonna keep doing it long after they put me in the ground! She knows she can never have him, and she will honor her marriage vows to Rafaello. Only Francesca had the knowledge to keep all of the safe and to protect her people.

At times I wondered how the whole thing would finally end. Lists with This Book. I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

Jenna Harper Review Date: So when she finds an Inn, and the owner promises to bring her to the main road come spring, she has no choice but to stay and work as a servant. So when Ebrtrice finally learns that Rafaello has chosen her for his bride, and that her parents have already consented to the marriage, she is furious!

D- Sensuality Hot Book Type: I’m not saying I liked it or it was great. There, she earns her keep as a servant—and meets an unlikely suitor who steals her heart.

Jan 22, Stephanie Balderas rated it really liked it. I should have checked the history before taking on this book. Jan franceaca, Andrea rated it it was amazing.

Please try again later. Francesca A fantasy story worthy of a Disney movie. May 30, Effy rated it liked it. After the scandal in Venice, Francesca is sent back home to Florence, to find a husband there.


The romance fits well withing the plausibility. Oct 07, Pages Buy. Want to Read saving…. Add to Cart Add to Cart. She is therefore shocked when Rafaello chooses her as his bride and her parents agree to his proposal—without her consent. I started enjoying the characters in this story and their dilemmas.

Return to Book Page. This does not sit well with clever, proud Francesca as she wants to find real love, not be paraded around as one of three brood mares to be mounted by the Duke’stallion. Rafaello and Francesca wed, have florid sex, decide that they dig each other, and begin to work on fulfilling their duty of producing an heir while facing invaders from France.

Ftancesca and feeling betrayed, Francesca flees into the forest and takes shelter at an inn.

This one just wasn’t for me. This won’t keep me from reading Ms. Not as exciting as the Border Chronicles or World of Hetar. As almost always, I finished this book wistfully, knowing this dearly departed great lady will no longer share the incredible joie de vivre, fertile imagination and strong point of view that has made her novels an absolute treasure trove for me.

She wants to go home to her sisters and her parents. The Silk Merchant’s Daughters 4 books. I have read several of Ms. The Widows of Malabar Hill.