I first learned the power of questions from Barry Neil Kaufman, author of To Love Is To Be Happy With. “Bears,” as he likes to be called, teaches that you can. This is the first recording of Bruce Di Marsico to be released by his widow, Deborah Mendel. Bruce created the Option Method in In this live recording . The Collected Works of Bruce Di Marsico on the Option Method & Attitude, Vol. 1 [ Bruce Di Marsico, Deborah Mendel, Wendy Dolber, Frank Mosca, Aryeh.

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We had spaghetti with my beuce, Barnaby who, at 3 or 4 years of age, was not known for his good manners. He never felt obliged to explain dj in the slightest, and yet he would spend whatever time it took to explore his motives and the responses of others in the service of helping them clarify some possible unhappiness they were experiencing. Nearer the end of our time together in physical reality on planet earth, I went to visit Bruce at his house.

She waited until my session was over then came in to visit with us for a few moments.

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Bruce explains how our beliefs affect our happiness. To see him interact on a personal individual level with a student or friend was always a joy and many times, an awesome experience.


And I am so grateful for the abundant opportunities to find them and to watch them turn into sources of amusement before my wondering eyes. He said he wanted me to know how he worked. Bruce Di Marsico taught me how to be happy. Doubts dissolved and only the singularity of the truth of happiness remained, lighting up the room I was in with him and then all the places great and small within myself.

In Memoriam to Bruce Bruce M. Then my friend Anne Grete arrived to pick me up. There were never any questions about you, but only about why you would hold yourself back from being happy NOW! A Practical Guide by Bruce M. Bruce, it seemed, was much happier devoting his marsido to writing for his lectures and classes and spending time with his students.

Whether he was sitting in his living room with them or around the kitchen table, Bruce preferred to teach in his own very unique dynamic way. We talked and had lunch together.

Option Method Network

That question is searching for the evidence of the belief. But there was something more profound for me. What could I say? Should I let Bruce speak for himself?


The Principals and Philosophy of The Option Method: A Practical Guide by Bruce M. Di Marsico

I had never experienced an individual session with Bruce, only classes and groups. Remembrance – by Deborah Mendel Several friends asked me to write something about Bruce for this issue.

She had never been afraid to leave Ulster County. You really need the attitude of detachment, bguce, and pure accepting love behind every question. Your explanation of the event is most likely the belief that helped create it.

These articles were were written by friends in loving memory of Bruce. Several friends asked me to write something about Bruce for this issue.

I had mixed emotions. He never did get around to publishing a book himself, but he left us with a wealth of material to work with. Bruce Di Marsico I studied with Bears in and still reflect back on what I learned from him.

Bruce Di Marsico | Mandy Evans

Where would I end? My attempts to explain that people perceived his communication as hostile meant little or nothing to him. There was just happiness.