CAN/ULC-S PERIODIC INSPECTIONS AND TEST – DAILY AND MONTHLY. NOTE: Refer to Appendix D for examples of Inspection and Test Record. SCOPE. This Standard provides requirements for the inspection and testing of fire alarm systems and specifies the devices and functions to be inspected. 1 SCOPE This Standard prescribes requirements for the inspection and testing of fire alarm systems and specifies the devices and functions.

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Alarm valves shall be inspected externally.

Heavy discoloration of water during drain test or plugging of inspectors test connection? Failure to flush yard piping or surrounding public mains following new installation or repairs? Recommended Additional Visual Inspection not mandated by the Standard: Description of ancillary equipment controlled by the fire alarm system.

These units are vulnerable to electrical failures they won’t function in the absence of power. Have any system devices including alarms been actuated since the last inspection?

Visual trouble signal operates. Maintenance Items Annually Hose nozzles – open and close and lubricate if necessary.

Standards Council of Canada

Alarm signal silence visual indicator operates. Electrical s56 in service? Advise fire department that testing is completed? Please contact us for more information. Couplings of compatible threads and undamaged?


Electrolyte level in batteries is normal Tighten electrical connection as required? Refer to Appendix F1 ; P iii Silent accelerated test. Date of service ulx records on site was: Older model alarms may be switching normal household voltage VAC in order to sound an audible alert when a sprinkler head activates.

Audibility of alert, alarm and voice messages checked. Automatic Detectors other types inspected and tested for: All addressable devices must be individually listed on luc Device Test Record sheet. Multi-line sequential display operates as per Appendix C5.

CAN/ULC-S536-04 Fire Alarm Annual Inspection Test Form

Cooling water level is normal Inspect exhaust hangers and supports? Check heat trace controller interconnection to fire alarm system.

Gauges to ensure good condition and normal pressure? Dry-pipe systems being maintained in dry condition?

CAN/ULC-S | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

Confirm field device free of damage. Two stage pull stations tested and functions confirmed? Test batteries for specific gravity and state of charge? Record the date, revision and version of the program software: Monthly Inspection and Tests A Pilot lights are functioning? Visual signal appliances individually inspected and tested. Door glazing in good condition?

Individual alarm and supervisory input zone clearly indicated and separately designated. Outlet hose threads are undamaged? Never paint the sensor! Automatic transfer from alert to alarm signal cancel acknowledge operates on a two stage system. Adequate heat available to areas where wet pipe is located? Hose rack assembly pressure reducing valve partial flow test.


Record time for diesel engine to crank: Correct designations for common control functions and indicators.

Except where water cannot be discharged, test all systems simultaneously. Record the date, revision and version of firmware: This type of detector works best for fast flaming fires that produce small amounts of smoke. Jockey pump operational and in good condition?

The applicable reports indicated below are attached hereto and comprise pages. For reduced voltage or reduced current starting, record time controller is on first step: In systems that provide logical control of a smoke control system, documentation is on site and includes a sequence of operation of the smoke control system.

Standpipe Hydrostatic and Flow Test Results to be completed every five ulv Date of last hydro-test: