Carpophilus freemani Dobson – Carpophilus freemani Nitidulidae, dorsal – Carpophilus brachypterus Superfamily Cucujoidea (Sap, Bark and Fungus Beetles). Dried-fruit Beetle – Carpophilus hemipterus Carpophilus hemipterus adults and larvae feed on the flesh of fruit, esp. those contaminated by fungi and yeasts(4). The chemical basis underlying orientation to fruit and fungal odors was investigated for the dried-fruit beetle,Carpophilus hemipterus (L.). In wind-tunnel .

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In addition to damage caused by feeding, sap beetles have also been recognized as vectors of fungi Dowd Carpophilus, also known as driedfruit beetles, are a worldwide pest of fruits, both pre- and post-harvest, and grains.

Sap beetles and fruit fly damage final fruit quality in March. The dusky sap beetle is the predominant fubgi on sweet corn.

Carpophilus beetles – Bugs For Bugs

Antennal grooves are usually present. In females it is usually reduced and submembranous. Adults of this first generation and those of the overwintering generation migrate in June to early sweet corn plantings shortly before or soon after it silks. Please consider a year-end gift to BugGuide! Temperature plays a key role in regulating spring migration of Stelidota geminata GertzWeiss Nitidulidae and development of an environmentally friendly method of crop protection.

Females reproduce primarily near decomposing plant material. Internal damage to nectarine caused by carpophilus beetle. Stelidota geminata was not found to overwinter in strawberry plantings.

A nematode, Psammomeris nitiduesiswas found in living sap beetles collected near Illinois corn fields. Often found at sap flows, flowers, decaying fruit, and fungi. Dowd compared the incidence of sap beetle adults, larvae and their damage on two varieties of corn, Bt Corn and non- Bt hybrid corn. Observations on the biology and control of the dusky sap beetle in Illinois.


Species Carpophilus hemipterus – Dried-fruit Beetle –

Larvae of all three genera are white pale yellow when mature with a light brown head, opposing external mouthparts and three pairs of small true thoracic legs.

The strawberry sap beetles adult, Stelidota geminatais less than 2. In Ohio the strawberry sap beetle attacks ripe, nearly ripe or decaying strawberry fruit by boring into the berry and devouring a portion in the field.

Carpoophilus of the the carpophilus beetle. Hibernation sites are similar to that of Carpophilus lugubris. However, 2-methylpropanol or butanol were apparently interchangeable with 3-methylbutanol in this blend, and comparable response could also be elicited by replacing acetaldehyde with a combination of both 2-pentanone and 3-hydroxybutanone. Dry summer and autumn conditions reduce the threat in the following season by providing less favourable breeding conditions.

Eggs are often laid on the silk of corn and have a generation time of 2—4 days. Upcoming Events Discussioninsects and people from the BugGuide Gathering in VirginiaJuly Photos of insects and people from the gathering in WisconsinJuly Photos of insects and people from the gathering in Virginia carpophilux, June These pest species generally feed on fruits and other plant parts that are ripening or decomposing.

Print References Ambourn A. The dorsal surface usually has uniform punctation but sometimes punctures are of different sizes. We strive to provide accurate information, but we are mostly just amateurs attempting to make sense of a diverse natural world.

Synonyms and other taxonomic changes.

Carpophilus lugubris

Though these varieties sustain less injury than susceptible varieties they are not immune to attack. Information on sap beetle biology is known primarily from studies done in the north central United States, principally Illinois and Ohio where Carpophilus spp.


CarpiphilusUniversity of Florida. Contributed by Jim McClarin on 10 November, – 6: Through a series of bioassays in which individual components were subtracted from or added to a synthetic odor blend, it was determined that ethyl acetate, acetaldehyde, 2-pentanol, and 3-methylbutanol comprised the simplest blend of compounds evoking full behavioral response.

Beetles associated with stored products in Canada: A yellowbrown sap beetle, Epunaea luteolus Erichsoncollected on strawberry.

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As carpophilus beetles can move several kilometres, area wide cooperation is needed for most effective control. Several products are registered for use on corn and strawberries for the control of sap beetles. A few subgenera could probably be treated as separate genera, while others are no more that fjngi species-groups, or are manifestly polyphiletic.

Dried Fruit Beetle (Carpophilus)-pest of stone fruit

Journal of Pest Science. At least 12 species of carpophilus beetle occur in Australia, and many more species are recognised as pests worldwide. The adult beetles are about 3mm long. These include the dusky sap beetle Carpophilus lugubris Murray on field and sweet corn; the corn sap beetle, Carpophilus dimidiatus on field corn; the complex Carpophilus dimidiatus F.

Bugguide is hosted by: A summary of experiments for control of sap beetles which attack fruit crops.