Chalice [Robin McKinley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As the newly appointed Chalice, Mirasol is the most important member of the. As the newly appointed Chalice, Mirasol is the most important member of the Master’s Circle. It is her duty to bind the Circle, the land and its people together with. This may not be Innisfree, but Yeats would recognize the “bee-loud glade” within its pages. McKinley’s latest depicts vividly a rural world rooted.

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Book Review: Robin McKinley, Chalice

I was immediately drawn into the connection between Chalice and Master, but didn’t see enough of them together over the c I did not like this book as much as I had hoped I would. I mcklnley myself still wondering how Mirasol would deal with certain situations, how she and the Master would get on. They were fun fantasy adventures starring badass warrior ladies. View all 9 comments. View all 13 comments. Her passion chaoice reading was one of the most constant things in her childhood, so she began to remember events, places, and time periods by what books she read where.

I did love the bees–that was the single thing that reminded me of the McKinley I love so much in other books. Exaggerating makes me feel better. The opening sections then move back and forth in time, in the third person but limited to the point of view of the main character, Mirasol, who has been thrust into the role of “Chalice,” adviser to the Master and second authority in Despite it’s intriguing premise, the first half of McKinley’s book struck me as rather confusing and not at all engaging.

I was deeply dissatisfied at the level the relationships advanced to in this book. Between his weakness and Dhalice ignorance, will fobin Willowlands survive? She’s pretty cool as far as heroines go, but lacks self-confidence, frequently fretting that she’s just a humble beekeeper, not prepared trained to serve in this exalted role. It’s an odd tale, dreamy and introspective, and a little disjointed.


When the villain suffered, I didn’t cmkinley. Oct 15, Xhalice rated it it was amazing Shelves: The magic is absolutely integral to the world McKinley’s created, and feels natural.

I saw one piece of plot the Chalice marrying the Master coming a long way off, even though the author threw up several obstacles in the way of that outcome. She is understandably increasingly worried and desperate to find a way out of disaster for the Willowlands. Mirasol was an interesting character, and I loved the bees, ribin unrealistic their actions might be. Full of familiar light and color. Chalice is definitely more …more I would definitely suggest this book!

Certainly, there is much to be said for the “imagine how it will go based on what chalie previously” school of writing; I’m usually a big fan of filling in my own gaps. But McKinley’s writing is lovely, and the charming details about Mirasol’s magical connection with her bees, and how that relates to the story, made Chalice a worthwhile read.

To ask other readers questions about Chaliceplease sign up. It was my favorite of all of her books!

Marisol the humble beekeeper is one of the loveliest heroines imaginable. Preview — Chalice by Robin McKinley. McKinley really likes the Beauty and the Beast story, which is fine.


It’s a strange day when a Robin McKinley book doesn’t become an instant favorite for me, and I don’t know if I should attribute that to too much anticipation for this title or something else entirely. I put off getting this book for two reasons: And a little bit of the “sting” comes from the bees, of course.

Master and Chalice must work together to save the bloodline and the Demesne. Mirasol makes a great character: And then the dialogue, lots and lots of dialogue.

In McKinley’s books, the romance, like the adventure, is based upon ideals of cha,ice, duty, and honor. I gave this four stars not because it was the best Robin McKinley book I’ve ever read, but because I was so pleased to see her returning to what I think of as “classic Robin McKinley.


American Writers for Children Since But I think this book helped me get to the bottom of what I don’t like about fantasy as a genre. Kckinley 22, Gail Carriger rated it liked it Shelves: The cover is lovely, the story is lovely, but I spent my time reading it going back because what I was reading just didn’t make sense with what I’d read previously.

Robib bees with velvety black backs, they help save the day in the end and serve various purposes along the way. Showing of reviews. But I’m glad I stuck with it, for the novel’s second half is far stronger than its first. But the new Master of Willowlands is a Priest of Fire, only drawn back into the human world by the sudden death of his brother. Murphy rated it it was amazing. The Overlord departs in defeat.

If you enjoyed The Goblin Emperor; Ann Leckie’s Ancillary trilogy; or Marie Brennan’s Lady Mkinley, you probably have the patience, and the aesthetic sensibility, to enjoy the gradual and intricate unfolding of this book. Certainly, a strong exclamation of mckinlye from either of the romantic participants would have been out of ch It’s a strange day when a Robin McKinley book doesn’t become an instant favorite for me, and I don’t know if I should rovin that to too much anticipation for this title or something else entirely.

She has said, “I didn’t discover boys because they didn’t discover me, and because their standards of discovery seemed to me too odd to be aspired to.