Aidan McNamara and Martha Brozyna explain contrarian fluctuations and ripple trading for stocks. That’s why they’ve created Contrarian Ripple n in a straightforward and accessible style, this reliable resource outlines the. That’s why they’ve created Contrarian Ripple Trading. Written in a straightforward and accessible style, this reliable resource outlines the.

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How long did they hold on to them before they made those big profits?

Within the body of the book, we have excerpted details from our trading record during this period—1, completed, roundtrip trades during the 26 months—to illustrate what we believe to be the fundamental factors that drive the market, how in our view a short-term trader can take advantage rtading and profit from these factors and to demonstrate the techniques that have allowed us to make such a large number of profitable stock trades during the period. Our contrarian strategy also acknowledges that the market overall is sometimes relatively more expensive and sometimes relatively cheap.

A Simple Way to Buy Low and Sell High

The stock market as a whole might be more efficient if everyone tried their hardest to discover real, long-term value, but for individuals that project would involve both an unreasonable expenditure of effort and more often than not produce extremely ugly losses. For a contrarian, however, a market environment such as that of February 27, looks like a great buying contrariaj.

But most stock prices actually do move around quite vigorously, moving up and down and ripplf around each and every trading day. He also runs quite a large business enterprise these days, the investment advisory firm Dreman Value Management LLC where he has employees and professional research tools available to him to help him analyze the contrarian quarry that he stalks.

As expectations rise that things ripplw improve, stock prices begin to rise also. Selected pages Page 1. In reality, investors trade a lot and traders invest especially when they cannot bear to part with that loss-making position that they somehow know will come right in the end.

This is a wonderful form of investing—and Mr. Chapter 5 covers this in detail. How we do it is the subject of this book, and so we invite you to discover a short-term trading traxing that is simple, low risk, profitable and, yes, fun. They do not require special expertise. For those individuals looking to cut through the huge amount of poor information out there, I It can be the subject of some debate here which is tarding chicken, which the egg in this subtle cause rippple effect conundrum.


We describe the key ways in which we adopt a contrarian approach in order to profit from those ripples. Along with vilifying the payment of taxes, many investment writers point out, quite rightly, that the more trading a person does, the more he will have to pay in commissions to his broker.

Sometimes there is a sudden reevaluation of an individual stock by the market, particularly following some very positive or negative news, normally unexpected, usually based on a quarterly earnings report. This encompasses all of, and the first two months of The reason is that we perceive a value in generation of an additional income through placement of regular, profitable short-term trades.

What is actually at work is a balancing of supply and demand through the mechanism of price. Note, however, this recovery can only happen once the crowd also ripplee around to trwding same view and starts purchasing the undervalued stock. However, unlike day traders, they do not focus on closing all their positions at the rlpple of the day. This article was written jointly by Aidan J. The companies included in the index were also subject ripple regular changes until the first Dow Jones Industrial Average with 30 companies was published on October 1, What puts further pressure on portfolio managers is that their successes and failures are usually judged in a short-term time frame by their bosses, who are senior executives ripp,e the pension fund, insurance company, or mutual fund where they are employed, their investor clients themselves, and even for some of the more high-profile ones—the press and general public.

The target audience for this book comprises those people who make up the majority of the U.

Such expressions are used, including by us in this tradingg, as if there can be an uneven number of buyers and sellers and it is this factor that drives stock prices up or down. The contrarian trader, however, often gleefully catches that knife and profits as the stock rebounds once the professional investors feel comfortable enough to go back in once conrtarian and buy the stock. That this book sets forth a technique for trading stocks hardly makes it unique.

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Value investing is an ideal; ripple trading, like indexing, is a practical compromise with hrading reality. As Keynes once noted so famously, the market is a beauty pageant in which judges are not attempting to arrive at any objective measure of beauty, but rather trying desperately to guess how the other judges are voting.

Table of contents for Contrarian ripple trading

This is particularly relevant if their advice is that the investor should buy and hold stocks for a long period of time to maximize future profits.

These include interest rate trends and earnings expectations for all companies quoted on the market. In his former life as a commercial banker, including stints working in credit analysis departments, coauthor Aidan McNamara was trained to work with balance sheets and income statements.

The principle in Contrarian Ripple Trading of buying when a stock has been sold down to the lower levels of its week range, and is trading lower on the day, enables the trader to be more confident of catching the typical reverse upward move of the fluctuation in the majority of cases.

It has a number of devotees who look to achieve successful investment returns by going against the crowd.

However, because our contrarian strategy is part of a very short-term trading technique, it does not really directly follow the tenets outlined by Dreman in conrarian books. Nobody is going to feel that tight knot in the stomach or sweat building up on the brow when all that is at stake is Monopoly money.