Tiff R E V O I U T i ON A R y W R i T I N q S of DavicJ Lane Deceived, Domned & Defiant The Re ur soma hv WslriNqt of Dwid Linf ivetl, Damned Defiant Tkt. Deceived, Damned, and Defiant: The Revolutionary Writings of David Lane is a book collecting all the works of the Wotanist and White. David Lane – Deceived Damned and Defiant. Identifier DavidLane- DeceivedDamnedAndDefiant. Identifier-ark ark://t0cv5rc4p.

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And state records were sealed. He was rabidly Jewish and had caused embarrassment among the Chosen with outspoken commentary.

David Lane – Deceived Damned and Defiant

My defense lawyers refused to use it as they could and should have. A White baby was placed in the circle and decceived nine vowed to secure a future for that White child. The death of our race will be eternal. Only his combination of charisma, purity, courage, determination and motivation could have melded together such a diverse and headstrong group of men.

The Jewsmedia immediately began to speculate that “Neo- Nazis” or “Racists” were the perpetrators and bandied my name about. Some readers, ever desperate to cling to what they erroneously believe to be tradition, will protest that the Roman Church persecuted Jewry.

Next we will dig into the meat of the secret teachings and ancient science. Nicholas Dean rated it it was amazing Oct 25, Friday 22 July The 58 th Precept states: All else is irrelevant at this time.


The titles may be unimportant, but the value of their legacy is beyond measure. It only points out again the need for a total revolution, political, economic and spiritual.

Deceived, Damned & Defiant The Revolutionary Writings Of David Lane by David Eden Lane

The writing wrfivin this hoot which yon n. But wise men know that entrenched tyrannies infiltrate resistance movements and even build bogus groups in order to identify and destroy potentially capable opposition. It is not a pleasant life, particularly considering the racial makeup, and that my goal is to stop the American murder of the White race.

The preservation of one’s own kind being the first and highest Law of Nature, when the existence of one’s own race is threatened, then racism becomes a nature ordained imperative of the highest order. In a year she was dajned up with Negroes and once married one.

Those of us who want a fumre few White children must he willing to sacrifice wltatever it takes to secure thin worthy end. Survival is the only issue. As a mother of five chi Idren. The relevant statistic to survival is the number of White women of childbearing age or younger. Then they would use this vast pool of restless, rootless, cultureless, Aryan energy to destroy the racial basis of Europe in fratricidal warfare.


The entire merchant class of Europe had, of course, long known of Nad. This is a reality which a true and competent revolutionary understands and deals with.

Deceived, Damned & Defiant The Revolutionary Writings Of David Lane

Additionally, the overt cadre is often known to the spies of the system for there must be spokesmen and publications. Naturally, this has alienated many who come from fundamentalist Christian backgrounds. A healthy nation is founded on heritage, race and culture.

Deveived must operate in small, autonomous cells, the smaller the better, even one man operating alone. But there was no way to prove this.

The reader can verify both by common sense and my other writings. He is stripped searched constantly, including being forced to bend over and spread the cheeks of his buttocks. Since these systems can be destroyed and rebuilt, but the death of the White race will be eternal, and since the Zionist conspiracy above defint things wants to exterminate the White Aryan race, I resolved that my duty was to focus all attention on the vital issue.