Author: C. W. Leadbeater; Category: Spiritual; Length: Pages; Year: The Devachanic plane is apparently the plane above the astral one. Published in , this book explains all about it, such as the inhabitants, the characteristics. The Devachanic plane: its characteristics and inhabitants. by Leadbeater, C. W. ( Charles Webster), Publication date

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This holding of the mind in suspense must not be confounded with the blankness of mind towards the attainment of which so many of the Hatha Yoga practices are directed: All these considerations, of course, only emphasize what has been so often insisted upon before — the necessity of the careful training of all psychics under a qualified instructor before it is possible to attach much weight to their reports of what they see. But here in the heaven-world all was thought-substance, and therefore not only the elemental essence, but the very matter of the plane was directly affected by the action of the mind; and hence it became necessary to make an attempt to discriminate between these two effects.

The process previously described then repeats itself, the life on the lower levels gradually shortening, while the higher life becomes steadily longer and fuller, till at last the time comes when the consciousness is unified — when the higher and lower selves are indissolubly united, and the man is no longer capable of wrapping himself up in his own [page 37] cloud of thought, and mistaking the little that he can see through that for the whole of the great heaven-world around him — when he realizes the true possibilities of his life, and so for the first time truly begins to live.

It is the plane upon which man, unless at an exceedingly early stage of his progress, spends by far the greater part of his time during the process of evolution; for, except in the case of the entirely undeveloped, the proportion of the physical life to the celestial is rarely much greater than one in twenty, and in the case of fairly good people it would sometimes fall as low as one in thirty.

His idea had been that, if possessed of enormous wealth, he would buy up and get into his own hands the whole of one of the smaller trades — one in which perhaps three or four large firms only were now engaged ; and he thought that by so doing he could effect very large savings by doing away with competitive advertising and other wasteful forms of trade rivalry, and thus be able, while supplying goods to the public at the same price as now, to pay much better wages to his workmen.

It was that of a mother who had died perhaps twenty years ago, leaving behind her two boys to whom she was deeply attached. By this time it will have become apparent why it was impossible to devote a section of this paper to the scenery of the mental plane, as was done in the case of the astral; for in point of fact the mental world has no scenery except such as each individual chooses to make for himself by his thought — unless indeed we take into account the fact that the vast numbers of entities who are continually passing before him are themselves objects in many cases of the most transcendent beauty.

Since further enquiry has shown that the word ” Devachan” is etymologically inaccurate and misleading, the author would prefer to omit it altogether, and to issue this manual under the simpler and more descriptive title of “The Mental Plane.

Devachan – Wikipedia

One might almost say that a black magician could function on the mental plane only while he forgot that he was a black magician. The very sense itself, by which he is enabled to cognize all this, is not the least of the marvels of this celestial [page 13] world; no longer does he hear and see and feel by separate and limited organs, as he does devadhanic here, nor has he even the immensely extended capacity of sight and hearing which he possessed on the astral plane; instead of these he feels within him a strange new power which is not any of them, and yet includes them all and much more — a power which enables him the moment any person or thing comes before him not only to see it and feel it and hear it, but to know all about it instantly inside and out — its causes, its effects, and its possibilities, so far at least as that plane and all below it are concerned.

In all these cases it will be perceived that, besides the effect of radiating colours and vibrations produced in the matter of the plane, a definite force in the shape of an elemental was sent forth towards the person to whom the thought was directed; and this devacahnic happened, with one notable exception. A Textbook of Theosophy by C. In the mind-body as in the astral body there is a reproduction of the physical form within the outer ovoid whose shape is determined by that of the causal body, so that it has somewhat the appearance of a form of denser mist surrounded by a lighter mist.


But by the time that he attains these heights he will already have entered upon the Path, and taken his future progress definitely into his own hands. In most instances observed on this level the images of the loved ones are very far from perfect, and consequently the true egos or souls of the friends who are loved can express themselves but poorly through them ; though even at the worst that expression is much fuller and more satisfying than it ever was in physical life.

On being questioned by his friend dvachanic readily admitted that the theories which he had held while upon earth were confuted by the irresistible logic of [page 56] facts; but his own agnostic tendencies were still strong enough to make him unwilling to accept what his plaen told him as to the existence of the still higher mental-plane.

Languages Italiano Polski Edit links. But in order to take full advantage of that opportunity it is necessary that that soul should himself be very fairly advanced in evolution. All knowledge is theirs for the searching — all, that is, which does not transcend even this lofty plane; the past of the world is as open to them as the present; the indelible records of the memory of nature are ever at their disposal, and history, whether ancient or modern, unfolds itself before their eyes at their will.

No doubt, had he been able to understand the beauty of the religious ideal, it would have called forth in him a mighty energy of devotion, the effect of which he would have been reaping now. The love which she thus ceaselessly poured out upon these mental images was really acting as a beneficent force showered down upon the grown-up men in this physical world, but it did not affect them both to the same extent— not that her love was stronger for one than the other, but because there was a great difference, in the vitality of the images themselves.

Another woman, who was a worshipper of Shiva, had confounded the god with her husband, looking upon the latter as a manifestation of the [page 53] former, so that the one seemed to be constantly changing into the other. Occult Psychology by George Brown.

Theosophy is not only for the learned; it is for all.

But all this will be more fully explained later, when we come to deal with the inhabitants of this celestial realm. Instead of this, however, the result was a sudden intensification of the colours of this bar of light, and a very distinct flow of spiritual influence, towards the pupil; so that it is evident that when a student turns his thought to his Master, what he [page 24] really does is to vivify his connection with that Master, and thus to open a way for an additional outpouring of strength and help to himself from higher planes.

I have never been able to discover whence it was taken, though what seems to be another version of it, considerably expanded, appears in Beal’s Catena of Buddhist Scriptures, page Thence no accommodating “spirit” ever comes to utter cheap platitudes through the mouth of the professional medium; thither no ordinary clairvoyant ever rises, though sometimes the best and purest have entered it when in deepest trance they slipped from the control of their mesmerizers — yet even then they have rarely brought back more than a faint recollection of an intense but indescribable bliss, generally deeply coloured by their personal religious convictions.

It has seven precious lakes, in the midst of which flow crystalline waters having seven and yet one distinctive properties and qualities.

One way in which this intense vitality manifests itself is the extreme rapidity of vibration of all particles and atoms of this mental matter. The Christian religion also contributes many of the inhabitants of this plane. When the visitor to the mental plane succeeds in putting himself in this position devahcanic finds that although he is no longer himself a leadbeeater of radiation of all that marvellous wealth of light and colour, form and sound, which I have so vainly endeavoured to picture, it has not therefore ceased to exist; on the contrary, its harmonies and its coruscations are but grander and fuller than ever.

A Vaishnavite, for example, was noticed wholly absorbed in the ecstatic worship of the very same image of Vishnu to which he had made offerings during life.


Devacuanic is a pleasure to find that devaachanic class of inhabitants which obtruded itself painfully on our notice on the astral plane is almost entirely absent here. It is hoped, therefore, that this account, though it cannot be considered as complete, may yet be found reliable as far as it goes.

The “seven golden mountains” can be but the seven subdivisions of the mental plane, separated from [page 10] one another by barriers impalpable, yet real and effective there as “seven rows of railings, seven rows of vast curtains, seven rows of waving trees” might be here: Casting about for an explanation of this phenomenon, he begins to realize that all this magnificence is not a mere idle or leadbeaher display — a kind of devachanic aurora borealis ; he finds that it all has a meaning — a meaning which he himself can understand ; and presently he grasps the fact that what he is watching with such ecstasy deevachanic delight is simply the glorious colour-language of the Devas — the expression of the thought or the [page 17] conversation of beings far higher than himself in the plaane of evolution.

This page was last edited on devacanic Decemberat This, however, is not what happens, for in such a case as we have supposed the man would awaken to consciousness in the sixth subdivision, where he would find himself engaged, together with those whom he had loved so much in the highest form of devotion which he was able to realize.

The Devachanic plane : its characteristics and inhabitants

That love must be devafhanic indeed into which no unselfish thought or impulse has entered; and on the other hand an affection which is [page 39] usually and chiefly quite pure and noble may yet sometimes be clouded by a spasm of jealous feeling or a passing thought of self.

It must not, however, be supposed from this that she became cognizant of her surroundings upon that plane or of its real conditions; she was simply in the state of the ordinary person who has reached that level after death, floating in the sea of light and colour indeed, but nevertheless entirely absorbed in her own thought, and conscious of nothing beyond it — resting in ecstatic contemplation of the landscape and of all that it had suggested to her — yet contemplating it, be deevachanic understood, with the keener insight, the more perfect appreciation, leaddbeater the enhanced vigour of thought peculiar to the mental plane, leadbbeater enjoying all the while the intensity of bliss which has so often pllane spoken of before.

But even while he forgot it he could be visible on the [page 33] mental plane only to men functioning consciously on that plane — never by any possibility to those who are enjoying the heavenly rest in this region after death, since each of them is so entirely secluded within the world of his own thought devachhanic nothing outside of that can affect him, and he devacanic consequently absolutely safe. Notwithstanding this, there is, as stated above, a condition of the atomic matter of each of these planes which is cosmic in its extent; so that the seven atomic sub-planes of our system, taken apart from the rest, may be said to constitute one cosmic plane – the lowest, sometimes called the cosmic-prakritic.

In the same way a man’s disbelief in a future existence does not affect the facts of nature; and in some cases at least he simply finds out after death that he was mistaken. In a world whose characteristics are unselfishness and spirituality the black magician and his pupils can obviously find no place, since selfishness is of the essence of all the proceedings of the darker schools, and their study of occult forces is entirely for personal ends.

On this plane also the higher type of sincere and devoted missionary activity finds expression. V, for an opportunity to pour out upon him its store of helpful influence. Indeed, all these planes together constitute in reality one mighty living llane, though as yet our feeble powers are capable of observing only a very small part of this at a time.

His affection for these relatives was very deep, yet his thoughts were more occupied in adoration of the Christ, though his conception of his deity was so material that he imaged him as constantly changing kaleidoscopically backwards and forwards between the form devvachanic a man and that of the lamb bearing the flag which we often see represented in church window.

This region is encircled within devacganic rows of railings, seven rows of vast curtains, seven rows of waving trees.