The major motion picture, The Possession, is loosely based on the events Jason Haxton tells about in this book. The Dibbuk Box and Haxton’s experience with it. Haxton is the writer of the book, The Dibbuk Box, about his experience with this mysterious wine cabinet. Eventually, Zak Bagans purchased. Is the Dibbuk Box possessed with an evil spirit? Its story goes back to Nazi Germany when two girls sealed the Dibbuk in the wine cabinet.

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It started when my girlfriend and I would argue. August 11, at 4: After I have carried out those responsibilities, and upon payment, I will have the cabinet and its contents delivered by U. At the time, I thought perhaps my worker became angry at me somehow—for her getting locked in my shop anyone passing by might have locked the outside gate—although this had never happened before and to get even with me [had] trashed my basement.

After the war, they tried to bind it again and were able to trap it inside the wine cabinet. Her parents, brothers, a sister, husband, and two sons and a daughter were all killed. Further investigation brings up different versions of the story, including that the Dibbuk box was a hoax.

The power of negative thinking with this item seemed to vibbuk rampant throughout the Internet cosmos. I knew I was having a stroke. So, Kevin took it home.


Haunted Dibbuk Box Interview

It is unfortunate that, instead of making a comment on what you believe, you chose to be judgemental by criticizing those who did post relevant comments. He knew I hated plaid, and that I would return to coat, and get something that I liked. Maybe all thanks to the dibbuk box.

A series of eerie events slowly unfolds when a wine cabinet sells at an estate sale in Oregon. Choose an option Ebook Paperback Clear. As stated, there is a very strong theory that the message has been passed on, but I will leave that one in Mr. She lived to be years old and used her own form of Jewish magic to beat the odds and win. There are also multiple people accusing him of committing a fraud.

The Dibbuk Box – Truman State University Press

This happened on November 10th,the night of Kristallnacht. Blok articles have Google Maps embedded in them. But that was all. Now that we’ve reconnected, I was eager to read your book. I am not one to think that I may have picked up any negative energy just from reading a book but I guess I am open to the fact that since I immersed myself in the story of this box and it’s creepy history I may have opened myself up bbox something unknown. Wikimedia Commons, Eugenics arichive.

I get the sense that the girls had been on the verge of getting possessed so much of the story is missing and used hair to either draw the Dybbuk from them or into the box. Mannis, it seems that there is a good amount of information that would seem to discredit him, and maybe the television crew opted to leave this information out for that reason.


Left on his own, Haxton found a mentor, Giles Fowler. The Dark Power of the Dybbuk Box When Kevin started working on the box, he decided not to refinish it and instead cleaned it.

dkbbuk I will go into that at the end of the article. So I have to digress to my secondary theory of it being what I stated above — an egregore. What about if it was kept with someone righteous in a place of worship? Sep 04, Christin Harbison rated it it was ok. Loved the post by the way!

It could send out the Kisalon like a Nazi would send an attack dog. I will go into detail further on my opinion of the book at the end of this article, but I will state that it is a very, very good and detailed book.