A masterpiece that is breathtaking in its scope, SARUM is an epic novel that traces the entire turbulent course of English history. This rich tapesty weaves a. Sarum. Set in the magical landscape of Stonehenge and the cathedral city of Salisbury, SARUM is an epic story of five families – the Wilsons, the Masons, the. Sarum. Q. You decided to write Sarum straight away? A. Not quite. For about three months I thought about several projects, but none seemed right. The idea of .

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Sarum: The Novel of England

In a matter of weeks I had six figure offers from both sides of the Atlantic. Went and finished my curry. But one cannot escape the rushed feeling of the final sections, and it is a shame.

A little bust carved by Hwll is found by Nooma; the sword used by a Celtic chieftain is inherited by a Roman governor; and implements such as these, rife rutherrurd portent, hold this vast fabric together as we move on to a modern Shockley an Aelfwald descendantin love with a modern Godfrey a Godefroi descandantwho is robbed by a youthfully prankish Tep-descendant named John Wilson while the city of Salisbury sarym its glorious past.

I love this genre. Five main families are followed throughout the novel, and as names and circumstances change incrementally, some physical and personality traits carry across thousands of years. By that time I had a forty page synopsis and a quarter of the book written. Further, the final third abandoned the previously mentioned delightful recurring device, and the reader feels cheated as it had been set up as a device that one expects to see again and again.

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Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Category: It was one of the few books I wished would never end and I felt almost lost once it was finished. This fiction just makes you want to read more non-fiction on the History of England. By the time we finally got to proofs, I believe the chapter on Stonehenge had been re-written seventeen times.

I took my dear sweet time reading this novel, and cherished every second.


Descriptive without being adjective fodder, the rutherffurd he gives of places and people are enough to provide one with an image without putting one to sleep for much of the novel. But in the end, that hardly matters, for the bigger reality of centuries creeping by and humanity in general living along is greater than one individual success or failure.

For five thousand years, men have been seeking the eternal there, by building and carving in stone.

It will stand side by side with Winston Churchill’s volumes on Sarym history on bookshelves throughout the world. Rutherfurd goes into detail on the wool trade and the building of the cathedral in particular.

It is fair to assess the book on the basis of how Mr Rutherfurd has managed to make imagination leap over all the obvious pitfalls. This rich tapestry weaves a compelling saga of five families—the Wilsons, the Masons, the family of Porteus, the Shockleys, and the Godfreys—who reflect the changing character of Britain. Not a great book, maybe not even “good. Jun 08, Gary rated it it was amazing. So then Gill was trying to track me down to ask what I wanted to do. It is very obvious that Nooma is going to get screwed or how the trial of Godric Body is going to end.

Moving quickly along to King Arthur’s court, to the plague years, to the machinations of the Tudors, to the exploration of the New World, to the Revolutionary, First and Second World Wars. It gives you not only history but comfort. Nooma the stone mason builds Stonehenge for the astronomer priests and witnesses a human sacrifice; thirty-two centuries later, his descendant Oswald Mason builds Salisbury cathedral with its soaring spire, and falls into each of the seven deadly sins.

Posted by Rob Weber at The language is very easy to read, and events such as the wars are not presented in a Tolstoyian philosophical fashion. THE myriad individual stories are perhaps less varied than they might have been had the character types not remained with significant deviations so consistent within family units, or if they did not also vie with one another in fairly constant patterns.

SARUM by Edward Rutherfurd | Kirkus Reviews

Awakening New York Paris I had some mixed feelings while reading this book. This is an incredibly informative yet entertaining book which concerns itself with the history of the Sarum Salisbury area edwward England, from prehistoric times to the nineteen eighties.


In what order should Edward Rutherfurd’s saeum be read? I wish I had read it thirty years ago but, of course, it hadn’t been written yet. So we have mostly accessible writing over the course of various short stories, all tied together by a common setting by interweaving the stories of five families and their descendants over the course of millenia, starting with just after the ice age.

At times Sarum was a pleasure to read, following the cleverly intertwined lives of the Mason, Godfrey and Porter families through the generations. Naturally, it’s all a fiction, but Rutherfurd’s writing put me on the ground, illuminated the human condition, and made me feel as though I’d been a part of it all.

A really marvellous read – this one follows the format that the author uses in all his work so far, he tells the story using ordinary folk who go through the momentous times in history. Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles lacking sources from September All articles lacking sources All stub articles.

I enjoyed the novel well saurm, but I was expecting something of the caliber of James Michener, and this certainly didn’t deliver. Eeward right question to ask is always: Its Now this is a good Stonehenge book. The soaring spire, the gorgeous light in the nave, and the sense of awe at its astonishing size.

A lot of them are quite predictable too. One of the things that really worked in this one was his use of strong women and how they dealt with the suffocating patriarchy throughout English history. Its one thing to hear that the Saxons invaded at such and such a time, but a completely different thing to hear how it affected the people that were being invaded.