El Hacedor de Estrellas by Olaf Stapledon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Hacedor de Estrellas – Tapa Dura – by Olaf Stapledon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Title, Hacedor de estrellas. Author, Olaf Stapledon. Translated by, Gregorio Lemos. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Minotauro, ISBN,

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Far off, at the foot of the Urals, imagination detected the ruddy plumes and smoke-pall of Magnetostroy. Why is there struggle and hardship?

I’m hesitant to get this book as I am concerned that it might feel somewhat dated. A creature’s body was a more or less constant tonal pattern, with much the same degree of flexibility and minor changefulness as a human body.

Written in the late ‘s, Stapledon was perhaps a bit ahead of his time, or at least, it seems at least as relevant today as it must have been back then. But his evolutionary exobiology is terribly lacking. In fact, it starts out like a strong hard-SF exploration novel touching on many possible alien races, mindsets, and physiologies, but it dives right down the rabbit hole into vast combined telepathic minds, galactic societies that actually are GALACTIC in scale, telepathic communication with multiple galaxies, and even to the discovery the rich stellar intelligence.

Freeman Dyson was also a fan, admitting to basing his concept of Dyson spheres on a section of the book, even calling “Stapledon sphere” a better name for the idea.

Despite it being basically a fantasy, he attempts to keep the observations rooted in hard science. When he was part of the traveling psychic space-mind, he could understand everything perfectly well. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Like most old stappedon s herehzcedor book has a problem with pacing.

Ada rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This snowballing process is paralleled by the expansion of the book’s scale, describing more and more planets in less and less detail. If there’s one thing I deplore with the novel, and it’s a minor thing, really, is that the overall narrative is extremely masculine.


Technology to link minds over large distances using radio would be a cool explanation. Not stapleron a bad thing, but it meant that it took me a while longer to finish the book.

Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon

Also, there isn’t much plot, in any traditional sense, which is probably why no one ever reads this book. That is, with the emphasis heavily weighed on Fiction. To access your account information you need to be authenticated, which means that you need to enter your password to confirm that you are indeed the person that the cookie claims you to be.

Apr 05, Stuart rated it it was amazing Shelves: The one that is likely what Stapledon refers to I found under a piece of artwork fromVictory of the 5 Year Plan – A blow to Capitalism. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name.

William Olaf Stapledon was a British philosopher and author of several influential works of science fiction. View all 6 comments. Basically, the narrator goes on a magical journey through time and space, sees lots of aliens, and meets god “the star maker”.

And Stapledon continues to run with his vast future history, now encompassing the universe. My only complaint is the heavy reliance on telepathy as the medium for movement and character interaction. About those psychic powers. The Best Books of I think the first sentence is completely wonderful: Return to Book Page. I feel you won’t at all be disappointed that it feels dated. Star Maker is a science fiction novel by Olaf Stapledon, published in How can you care what happens next wh This is a novel — is it a novel?

Star Maker

There are no actual stories that happen on these planets, just summaries. Stapledon wrote this novel primarily as a way to explore philosophical, theological ideas about existence, both individually, and as a community. The Star Maker is the creator of the universe, but stands in the same relation to it as an artist to his work, and calmly assesses its quality without any feeling for the suffering of its inhabitants.

Lewis thought Stapledon’s answer was “devil worship”, so perhaps he hit an unhappy medium after all. What he cares about is how they develop, and how they’ll succeed. Any student of Darwin should find immediate fault with mobile autotrophs.


On some of these, he dwells for a paragraph or two in fabulous detail.

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Star Maker tackles philosophical themes such as the essence of life, of birth, decay and death, and the relationship b Star Maker is a science fiction novel by Olaf Stapledon, published in It’s a slow and painful hscedor – much more of a slog than a sprint. Another for All hail the master Stapledon! This article needs additional citations for verification. Star Maker eventually takes a turn etapledon the religious, but it does so with enough of a sense of allegory and myth that it doesn’t lose its philosophical potency.

After exploring a civilization on another planet in our galaxy at a level of development similar to our olwf that ollaf millions of years ago thousands of light years from Earth the “Other Earth” in some detail, his mind merges with that of one of its inhabitants, and as they travel together, they are joined by still more minds or group-minds.

In fact, many of his descriptions are incredibly psychedelic. Aldiss called it “the one great grey holy book of science fiction”.

View all 7 comments. I love the way he convincingly details how planets, stars and galaxies can have their own unique intelligence and form their own kind of civilisation. All hail the master Stapledon! Barring an astronomical disaster, this enlightened world, In this happy phase, then, which might last for a few centuries or for many thousands of years, the whole energy of the world would be devoted to perfecting the world-community and raising the caliber of the race by cultural and by eugenical means.