Oct 27, This Pin was discovered by Kevin Scarborough. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. THE ENOCHIAN HIERARCHY Tablet of Union EXARP Air of SPIRIT HCOMA Water of SPIRIT NANTA Earth of SPIRIT BITOM Fire of SPIRIT EHNB Spirit of Spirit. COLOURING THE ENOCHIAN TABLETS ( e.v.) by Sharash such: Air – Red Water – Green Earth – Black Fire – White This was the only.

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This is the purest Spiritual force and is only invoked when some empowering is required from the direct force of spirit. Ouroboros Method This method is the same as the New Aeon method, but the planetary symbols and sides are coloured using the element the planet is attributed to: Element Banners Traditional flashing colors are utilized to create these superb banners representing the 4 elements.

Enochian Fire Tablet – Azoth Art

Thus, for the most part, it remained dormant, undefined and unusable. Years later in Chicago, a disgruntled Paul Foster Case after being expelled from the order by Moina Mathers ,would lead a quiet crusade to convince fellow students that Enochian Magic was “volatile and dangerous.

The Enochian Tablets are four in number, each referring to one of the elements: John Dee and Edward Kelly. Fire – red with green symbol Zodiacal attributes are coloured in the elemental colour of the Triplicity to which the sign belongs: The beginnings of Enochian Magic were coming into place, but the information was just information.


John Dee’s diagram of the four watchtowers of Ritual magick. All the Enochian letters are in white squares with a red letter. These tablets are sacred objects, and have enormous power. One flre forth a serviant angel and the other is used to command the angel.

Choose English or Enochian script. The Enochian Watchtower of water. Fire Tablet with Enochian Lettering.

Another variation has all Crosses in Flashing Colors as in Series 2 but also includes the border in the appropriate Elemental Color:. Flashing Crosses and Border. Air – yellow with purple symbol Mars: All the Coloured Squares on a given tablet will be the same colour as the element of a tablet. The reason is that the Hebrew represents the Celestial influence and governance and the Enochian hierarchy represents the Assiac or material governance.

Should Galaxie Software still exist and object, I will, of course, remove it, even though I suspect that its distribution in the present environment would constitute fair use for non-profit educational purposes. From these were derived the names of various elemental powers, Angels, beings and spiritual dominions known as Aethyrs.

Through the power of the Secret Names the general nature of the element involved in the initiation is filtered through the Tablet into the ” Aura ” or sphere of sensation of the advancing candidate.

It is not a toy but a powerful system that should be employed with the same caution a prudent person uses who would handle a loaded gun. It is the Divine Name of the Element in Hebrew that first must be intoned and invoked.

Without this font, the tablets are pretty worthless, tire are border-line unreadable. Truncated Pyramid Air Tablet. Air – Red Water – Green Earth – Black Fire – White This was the only suggestion of colour in the elemental tablets by the Dee manuscripts, and no other method was given.


Enochian Tablets

The elemental colours of the quarters were given to Edward Kelley as such: Enochian Chess Air Board. It ties in Set earth – green compliment red with Horus fire – red compliment green. Thus, in the Portal Initiation of our Order, the Tablet of Union is introduced as it represents the building Spirit or actuating glue between the elements. The Enochian Watchtower of air. New Aeon This method, again is the same as the Golden Dawn but earth talet green with red symbol.

This language contained its own grammar and syntax. One of the most important breakthroughs in the rediscovery of these lost secrets was an entirely new language.

Elemental Attributes are coloured accordingly: All Tablets are signed on the back by Chic and Tabatha Cicero. Also available here are seven other Magick Tablets of a planetary nature.

The result is the establishment of a magical link and affinity with the element of the Initiation. John Dee and Edward Kelly tire, the secrets that were lost with the patriarch of the Bible known as Enoch were returned to those who thirst for the knowledge of Light. The dictating Angel was the Great Angel Ave.