Interpolymer interactions between the countercharged polymers like Eudragit® EPO (polycation) and hypromellose acetate succinate. PDF | The objective of this investigation was to evaluate the potential of Eudragit EPO nanoparticles (EPO NP) in improving therapeutic efficacy. Download scientific diagram | Molecular structures of (a) MFA, (b) EUDRAGIT® EPO, and (c) EUDRAGIT® L from publication: Stabilization of a.

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Effect eop Dissolution Medium The effect of dissolution media pH 1. To study the effect of pH on the release profile of the drug from the controlled release dosage form. The calculated MDT values were found to be 4.

Devi N, Maji TK. The percent degree of swelling was calculated as follows: A comparative analysis of the swelling characteristics of matrix systems prepared using different polymer combinations is shown in Fig. The data was analyzed by the regression coefficient method.

Evonik EUDRAGIT® E PO Copolymer

The performance of the in situ formed PEC as a matrix for controlled release of drugs was evaluated, using acetaminophen as a model drug. Acetaminophen was obtained from Mylan laboratories limited Hyderabad, India as a gift sample.


Tablets with mg of the polymers were compacted manually from the physical mixtures using a 9-mm punch in a tablet compression machine. The manufactured tablets showed low weight variation indicating that the wet granulation eudragt is an acceptable method for preparing good-quality matrix tablets. Case II transport or relaxation controlled delivery; the exponent n is 0. The drug release profiles were compared using two model-independent methods, mean dissolution time MDTand similarity factor f 2 It can be seen from Fig.

Rabeprazole sodium delayed-release multiparticulates: Aliquots of 10 mL were withdrawn from the dissolution apparatus at different time intervals and filtered through a cellulose acetate membrane 0. The drug release from the novel matrix system was found to be dependent on the polymer combination type, their ratio, and their concentrations. Published online Jan Balamurugan Jeganathan and Vijayalakshmi Prakya.

The present study demonstrated the successful application of the combination of anionic polymethacrylates and cationic enteric polymer such as hypromellose phthalate and hypromellose acetate succinate to sustain the acetaminophen release up to 12 h at different pH conditions.

The following plots were made: The authors wish to thank Dr. Acknowledgments The authors are grateful to Mylan laboratories Limited, Hyderabad, India, for the generous gift samples of acetaminophen and eudrgit.


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Comparative swelling index of matrix tablets prepared using different polymer combinations in pH 6. EE and enteric polymer, at 1: Data sheets for overmetals, plastics, ceramics, and composites. Support Center Support Center. Polymethacrylate polymers have been widely used in pharmaceutical formulations as film-coating agent and as matrix carriers in solid dispersion preparation and in hot-melt extrusion processes 13 — The swelling study was done in triplicate for all samples tested.

The slight increase in the MDT value with increasing polymer concentration can be ascribed to the entanglement density of the polymer at higher concentrations. We also ask that you refer to MatWeb’s terms of use regarding this information.

FT-IR spectrum of treated polymers. The drug release profile from these formulations in 0.

MDT was calculated from dissolution data using Eq. Evonik Pharma polymers FT-IR spectrum of pure polymers. As may be appreciated, the latter is different from the rest of the spectra.