ABSTRACT. Euthanasia is a debate among lawyers, medical experts and theologians in which euthanasia is an act of facilitating the death of a person. Euthanasia or assisted suicide—and sometimes both—have been legalized in a small number of countries and states. In all jurisdictions, laws and safeguards. Contoh Kasus Euthanasia Pasif yang terjadi pada bayi Nisza Ismail by adnin_ii.

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The nature of these unusually complex cases is not known. To define philosophical euthajasia, to present historical events, to eutthanasia the relevant attitudes in modern bioethics and law that may be helpful in elaborating practical guidelines for clinicians regarding euthanasia and end-of-life care.

Full Text Available Introduction: The main reasons for their ethical justification were the terminal illness of the patientthe presence of suffering and pain and the patient ‘s own request. This article attempts to supply a brief presentation of these perspectives, indicating the existing trends and standpoints at world level in connection to perceptions regarding the phenomenon mentioned, exemplified by opinions described in the doctrine and relevant jurisprudence.

The United States permits withdrawal of life support. The involvement of nurses gives cause for concern because all the pasjf, with the exception of Switzerland, require that the acts be performed only by physicians.

Belgium legalised voluntary euthanasia inthus ending the long isolation of the Netherlands as the only country in which doctors could openly give lethal injections to patients who have requested euthhanasia in dying.

Euthanasia of Severely Handicapped Infants: The purpose of this study was to determine nurses’ views and attitudes about death, dying patienteuthanasia and the relationships between nurses’ characteristics.

A patient ‘s request for euthanasia entails a complex process that demands emotional work by all participants. Arguments against the legal regulation of physician assistance in dying include principled arguments, such as the wrongness of hastening death, and arguments that emphasize the negative consequences of allowing physician assistance in dying, such as a euthanasiia of the lives of older people, or people with chronic disease or disabilities.


One hundred and fifty-one undergraduate students early-stage nursing training, late-stage nursing training and non-nursing controls were approached on a UK university campus and asked to complete a self-report questionnaire. What is problematic in euthansia study of empathy is his absence to the suffering of others.

To conclude, advanced lung cancer patients who expressed a euthanasia wish were often determined. This article argues that when we consider the moral acceptability of voluntary euthanasiawe have no good reason to concentrate only on persons who are ill or injured and suffering.


The number of accomplished active euthanasia cases and that of assisted suicide cases. I discuss the arguments against euthanasia which are in principle four. This is reflected in their attitude. Of nursing students, participated in the study response rate A majority of the nurses supported the Belgian law regulating euthanasia but also believed that most euthanasia requests disappear as soon as eutthanasia patient experiences the benefits of good palliative care.

Legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide: the illusion of safeguards and controls

It is dilemma, indeed but anyhow euthanasia is strongly prohibited in KUHR medical ethics, and against the human rights. Knowledge of these views can also contribute to a realistic and qualified view on euthanasia itself. Through the use of a local injection of potassium chloride KCl initially developed for use in American lobsters, this paper describes a safe and effective method for euthanasia in terrestrial invertebrates. Each discipline created with its own resources. Arras further anticipates that the practices of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia will be abused, so that many patients who engage in these practices will lose out as a result.

More than half of the participants said that they could ethically justify active euthanasia. Comparison of the related practices in the surveyed countries. Nonetheless, further research is needed on this issue across the country among various health professionals in the context of current legislation. Our goal was to explore medical students’ attitude toward euthanasia. Medical end-of-life practices under the euthanasia law in Belgium. The implications of the recent Supreme Court decision on these practices are outlined.


She accompanied a doctor as he visited a patient who was dying of cancer and was beginning to consider the possibility of euthanasia.

Furthermore it points out that this proposal neglects physicians role in guaranteeing a euthanasia practice of due care and that its use of an ethic of absolute autonomy could jeopardize this well-established practice.

What happens after a request for euthanasia is refused?

Legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide: the illusion of safeguards and controls

Euthanasia using inhaled agents is considered to be a suitable aesthetic method for use with a large number of animals simultaneously. Proponents and opponents of euthanasia have argued passionately about whether it should be legalized. Today, in Hungary, the ethical guidelines of the chamber of medicine, the criminal law and the administrative health law also forbid active euthanasia. On the contrary, if euthanasia is legalised, advocates of euthanasia have a special obligation to promote improvements in palliative care.

This is a delicate matter for physicians, since the Hippocratic tradition forbids euthanasia and because as care-givers they must also bear the psychological, moral and emotional burden of carrying it out. The crucial point is not activity or passivity but respect for the autonomy of individual human beings. The concept of euthanasia would be very specifically limited by the exclusion of so-called passive forms of euthanasia and of omission as a possible procedure to cause death and the need for the explicit request of the patient involved.

To determine the characteristics of patients who request euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide and whether these characteristics differ among those whose request is granted, those who die before the procedure, those who die before completion of the approval process, those who withdraw their requestand lastly, those whose request is refused by the physician.