The Arabic name for geomancy, “‘ilm al-raml,” means “the science of the sand.” In its original form, the geomantic figure was created by making. The Arabic words in the center of the circle; Ilm-al Raml, translates to the Science of the Sands. This broadsheet, a precursor to the book on Geomancy by Kiyan. What the Geomantic Study-Group is for Western geomancy, this group is for Arabic `ilm al-raml (the formal Arabic term for geomancy, literally.

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Figures pointing downwards are said to be entering and stable; figures pointing upwards are said to be exiting or passing forth and movable the four symmetical figures are either, depending on the nature of the figures from which they were generated. Geomancy was practiced by people from all social classes. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The resolution will come through a third party.

Throughout the evolution and migration of geomancy, various tales and plays incorporated aspects of the art into their stories.

Same Figures, but Different Names and Different Traditions « The Digital Ambler

What a great post! The shield chart most likely provided an early visual guide to generating the figures, and the interpreted answer would aal-raml on the fifteenth and sixteenth figures, the Judge and Reconciler. Email required Address never made public. Respect that, study the differences, and experiment accordingly.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Once the lines are produced, the geomancer marks off the points two by two until either one or two points remain in the line; mathematically, this is the same as producing two dots if the number is even or one dot if the number is odd. In Korea, geomancy takes the form of interpreting the topography of the land to determine future events and or the strength of a dynasty or particular family.


Die Grundlagen der astrologischen Geomantie: A sixteenth figure called the “super judge” is sometimes drawn by “adding” the points of the first and fifteenth figures. A mediator will help bridge the gap between the querent and quesited.

Please help by editing the article to make improvements to the overall structure. Here, they assign the figures from the shield chart to the houses in the house chart; the order used differs between different circles of occultists.

Same Figures, but Different Names and Different Traditions

Geomancy’s first mention in print came [ when? In addition, the geomantic tableau has two extra “houses” for the “witnesses” and a final “house” for the “judge. Otherwise, the quesited will work things out without need from the querent. The differences however are there and worth noting: Al-rzml can be interpreted in a manner similar to the Witnesses and Judge, in that the right parent represents the past, the child the present, and the left parent the future; another way to interpret such a triplet views the right parent as the querent’s side, allies, resources, and opinions, the left parent as the quesited’s side, and the child as the interaction of the two sides.

In recent times the term has been applied to a wide range of other occult and fringe activities, including Earth mysteries and the introduction of ley lines and Bau-Biologie.


Each figure has a name, associations with the elements, planets, etc. Here, addition involves summing the points in the respective lines of the parents: Some questions require more than al-aml significators, such as in a query involving several primary factors e.

The process is done similarly for the second Daughter using the second line from the Mothers, and so on.

ConjureMan Ali’s Spiritual Blog: Geomancy and Khatt al Raml

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The influences in the querent’s life at the time of the reading.

None of them want tarot readings, but all of them want charts cast for business deals, financial decisions, personal matters, and political endeavors. Another mythological story for the origin of iilm also involves Idris. Welcome A collection of ConjureMan Ali’s thoughts about magic, the occult, and spirituality. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The stranger then taught Idris how to klm the figures in a regular manner and what the results meant, teaching him how to know things that could not be known with just the physical senses.

The idea is still accepted in many South East Asian societies today, although with reduced force.

Ilm ul- Ramal: Islamic Geomancy from Imam Ahmad Rida Khan Qadiri’s Shama i-Shabastan

Earth Divination, Earth Magic. It can also involve a mouse as the agent of the earth spirit. The lack of perfection in a chart.