: The Kagero Diary (Michigan Monograph Series in Japanese Studies) (): Sonja Arntzen: Books. At the outset of the Kagero Nikki, Michitsuna no Haha states her purpose in writing her journal. I have included the McCullough translation of the opening. The Kagero¯ Diary commands our attention as the first extant work of that rich and brilliant tradition. The author, known to posterity as Michitsuna’s Mother.

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Blame who or what you will — her suffering is real, gnawing, bitter.

It’s also almost overwhelmingly cool to me that a woman who lived more than a thousand years distant from me can seem so relateable. The old, inexhaustible sadness came back, and I went through the rites for my ancestors but absent-mindedly.

The evolution of the Japanese ego: ‘The Gossamer Years’

Unfortunately she does not mention jealousy very often specifically so I am not sure how useful it will be to me, but it was a fairly quick read and it has some nice diaary. At first thing seemed to be going well, but her husband visited less and less, and was seen in the company of other women more and more, and perhaps her initial wish to not marry was for the best.

The author — and Heian ladies in general — have one vent, short of madness, kagerro repressed emotions that grow too much for them. Exclusive possession is what she wanted, what she felt her high birth entitled her to. Just nine months later, she gives birth to a son, Michitsuna. The female author expresses her feeling so deeply, that for me I began to feel for her every time Fujiwara Kaneie referred to throughout as “the Prince” fails to keep his promise in meeting with her and their young son.

The gossamer years = Kagero nikki : the diary of a noblewoman of Heian Japan

He This is an actual diary from a noblewoman during the Heian period of Japan. The woman writes about her life, with the greatest focus on her dysfunctional marriage to a man named Fujiwara Kaneie. In a society in which kana writing was considered a women’s activity, inferior to the Chinese writing of educated men, Heian women produced what are today known as some of the most enduring and classical works in Diagy literature. Somehow I wish there were some motion pictures kagerp take place in this period so Kavero could physically see what some of the things looked like.


The author would very much have liked to have more children, but for some reason this doesnot come about. And so the months and the years have gone by, but little has turned out well for me. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It was all extremely sad, Diar thought, and when someone as distant as I from the event was so deeply affected there can hardly have been a dry sleeve in the city.

Surely she has enough to occupy her time? Like the waves that break on Tago in Suraga, I was frowned upon by a mountain, a smoldering Fuji, Wreathed in clouds of smoke. This proves that reading any obscure books kageo insufficient background may take time, motive and inspiration indeed.

The Kagero Diary

For example, this correspondence between the author and her husband: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Yes, the author is self-centered and whiny and her complaints got old ciary quickly, but the fact that her diary is so very open and personal shows the hardships that underlie even the kkagero wealthy or well-placed woman in Heian society.

Pages to I loved this book. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The annotations of the edition I read helped a lot to understand exactly what was going on at many times. Jean rated it liked it Shelves: I’d like to see a more modern translation, or a rendering into modern Japanese, and see what the text is like then.

They’re like Shakespearian insults but haiku style which I found hilarious. He has a child with his first wife who tries her best to win Fujiwara back. Instead, it is a calm yet melancholic memoir of a woman trap This review will consist of two parts, a response to the actual material and the work of the translator. This study guide contains the following sections: A Woman’s Autobiographical Text from Tenth-century This remarkably frank autobiographical diary and personal confession attempts to describe a difficult relationship as it reveals two tempestuous decades of the author’s unhappy marriage and her growing indignation at rival wives and mistresses.


You had to communicate by way of cryptic poems and there was an elaborate, totally incomprehensible system of forbidden directions, punishments, defilements, penances and pilgrimages. In attempt to not spoil anything I will say that this is a much more vivid account of Heian Japan in comparison to Sarashina no Nikki.

This book was a really interesting experience. The author embarks on several. I suggest just reading one section and then checking the footnotes after you’ve read that section. Books by Michitsuna no Haha. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Apr 15, Lagero Dalton rated it really liked it Shelves: That said, this edition is probably better suited to students of Japanese literature who have appropriate background knowledge and can appreciate the subtleties more.

I read this kagwro for a paper I wrote on the marriage practices of Heian Japan.

Kagerō Nikki – Wikipedia

Order our The Kagero Diary: Technically non-fiction because it’s a diary, I found this title quite sad in contrast to the irreverent ‘Pillow Book’. You had to communicate by way of cryptic poems and there was an elaborate, totally incomprehensible system of forbidden directions, punishments, defilements, penances and pilgrimages Autobiographical diary.

Jun 17, Wendy rated it liked it. Many readers will find her unsympathetic, but I don’t think the book should be judged by that.

Unter diesen Werken ist dieses sicherlich das feministischste.