Author(s): Karen Barad: Published: July Pages: Illustrations: 1 table, . physicist and feminist theorist, elaborates her theory of agential realism. diffraction. e flesh out Barad’s o erarching position of ‘agential realism’, hich contains a New Materialism; Karen Barad; Cultural Theory; Ethics; Ontology;. As developed by Karen Barad, agential realism is a performative theory of the irreducible entanglement of matter and discourse that relates knowing and being .

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In agential realism, realism is not about something substantialized and fixed or demarcated.

Meeting the Universe Halfway | Duke University Press

Bohr overshoots his mark and places the human not merely back in the picture where she or he belongs, but at the center of all that is” In this sense, Barad’s philosophy avential an overmining theory that rashly sacrifices the explosive undercurrents belonging only to individual things, withdrawn from full expression in the world at any given moment.

The book is a provocative, generative, contribution to our attempts to kraen effective tools to describe and understand the rapidly changing world we are part of. In this section, the heart of her philosophical position is made lucidly visible. Your Friends Email Address: Yet even if we confine ourselves to the purely ontological sense of the term, the polysemy continues: This has always been the basic research program of physics and has led to tension including accusations of “physics envy” with practitioners in sciences such as chemistry who deal with higher-level beings such as molecules, not to mention the even more macroscopic realities covered by geology, biology or sociology.

But Barad’s Statement 2 goes well relism a complaint about a reduction to smallest entities and flatly denies that there are individual entities at all. Journal of Rewlism in Culture and Society. In what remains of this essay, let us look at some of the key features of Barad’s relational ontology a.

Karen Barad data view theoretical physicist; b. Self-Knowledge, Misc in Philosophy of Mind.

Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge

According to Barad’s theory of agential realismthe universe comprises phenomena, which are “the ontological inseparability of intra-acting agencies”. My intent here is to argue that it merits the serious attention of historians, philosophers, sociologists of science, and science studies and STS scholars.


Title of the journal article or book chapter and title of journal or title of book 3. This complaint is not just a matter of nitpicking Barad’s use of the word “atomism. Apparatuses are ‘material-discursive’ in that they produce determinate meanings and material beings while simultaneously excluding the production of others. Lee Braver identifies six separate meanings of “realism,” and in my view there is a crucial seventh sense that Braver overlooks entirely.

It is expressed clearly enough by Manuel DeLanda, one of the leading continental realists of our time: Disability Requests Instructions for requesting an electronic text on behalf of a agemtial with disabilities are available here. A History of Continental Anti-Realism.

To escape the consequences of such stasis, Barad can only appeal to the primal energies of the kwren dance of differences that occasionally congeals into individual things. Finally, Barad uses agential realism to produce a new interpretation of quantum physics, demonstrating that agential realism is more than a means of reflecting on science; it can be used to actually do science. Theoretical physicsfeminist theory. Above all, Barad rejects “the common-sense view of representationalism—the belief that representations serve a mediating function between knower and known” Barad 25—6 And further: In closing, I will try to show briefly how this makes Barad a different type of reductionist closely allied to the old-fashioned atomist of Statement 1, and that only the qgential of individual things wrongly described as “atomism” in Statement realis is able to save us from the perils of reductionism.

Technoscientific Practices and the Materialization of Reality 6. Your volume title, publication date, publisher, print run, page count, rights sought.

Karen Barad – Wikipedia

Feminist and post-colonial epistemologists, philosophers of science, and thinkers more generally agentail find themselves in a distinct form of difficult situation regarding their access to and authority over knowledge within the academic world.

Find it on Scholar. This can be seen in a pair of sentences from early in Chapter The world thereby becomes static, no matter how much one might protest with alibi-like assertions of the inherent dynamism, flux, or conatus of the realiism. Please check the credit line adjacent to the illustration, as well as the front and back matter of the book for a list of credits. The so-called “linguistic turn” dominated much of twentieth-century philosophy, in both its analytic and continental kwren.


However, this new turn reworks, furthers and moves beyond the insights of poststructuralism by adjusting the understanding of processes of enactment. Pollock – – In Quentin Smith ed. It is on this basis that she develops agential realism as a conceptual framework for conceiving matter and discourse in their intra-active inseparability and inseparably enacting practices.

Realism instead emphasizes that intra-active agentiality has real effects — effects that become ingredients in new and always also open-ended intra-active agencies. Naturalcultural Forces and Changing Topologies of Power 7.

The number of copies requested, the school and professor requesting For reprints and subsidiary rights, please also note: Indeed, there is at least one key point of agreement between Barad’s agential realism and the object-oriented variant of speculative realism.

Wilson, Feminist Review Blog. Views Read Edit View history.

Quantum Physics and the Nature of Knowledge and Reality 97 4. Such political individualism is paralleled nicely by classical physics and its “atomistic” —8 commitment to separate individuals. This approach lives on today in the more sophisticated quest of subatomic physics, and in certain recent philosophers who prefer the flux of the pre-individual to the determinate outlines of individual things Gilbert Simondon is a fine example. Works Cited Barad, Karen. Brassier, Ray et al.

In explaining intra-activity, Barad reveals questions about how nature and culture interact and change over time to be fundamentally misguided. Create a reading list or add to an existing list.

Karen Barad

This process gives rise not to enduring self-identical individuals, substances, or essences, but merely to transient congealments in a field of relations. Reading Bergson and Barad Diffractively. University of California, Santa Cruz. Online books Resources in your library Resources in other libraries. According to Barad, the deeply connected way that everything is entangled with everything else means that any act of observation makes a “cut” between what is included and excluded from what is being considered.