View Karen Danrich’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Karen has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn. View Karen Danrich’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Karen has 4 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on. Product description. Written by Karen Danrich, this book is a guide to assist humanity in remembering to awake and ascend thru the process of ascension.

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This, too, is a reflection of ownership. In any case, it is through the proper setting of boundaries that the ascending individual learns to protect themselves from the unconscious harmfulness of others so that they do not create difficult experiences or accidents in their life experience. The Language of Light Single Tones The Field Mouse If one chooses to ascend, then they will allow whatever changes are necessary to bring forth their spiritual goal.

The guru or teacher only understands his or her own particular truth.


Such thought-form only causes animosity and hatred between humans of different beliefs, and this is the root of warfare in the human dance. Additionally, as the pituitary produces HGH, the body grows.

danroch The History of the Human Dream How the human race came to be, and came to be in the state we are in. Therefore, each initiate must follow their own guidance and never allow another to tell them what to do or what their truth is.

The question comes down to, do you wish to ascend?

An Update On Our Evolution by Chris Thomas

The Flap of the Beaver’s Tail Dolphins and whales are designed to be holographic record keepers for any consensus reality in which we exist. A Call for World Peace. It is human nature to blame another for their difficult experience.

The Web of the Cane Spider 6. An example of this responsibility might be seen in a difficult family relationship. Shame causes the opposite to occur. The Gentleness of a Rabbit Mila and Rama, as directors of the Spiritual School of Ascension, have tried to share their own processes and difficulties with their students and affiliates to allow each to understand that the process of ascension is similar for ddanrich who are undertaking such a journey.


She also learned to send such judgmental thoughts danricy to those who believe them. As such thoughtforms are transmuted, it makes possible the merger of soul and form. In order to overcome shame, one must embody their inner beauty and equality. Relationship in the third-dimensional paradigm is based on karma.

Only the initiate danricb intimately their own journey, because they are the only one experiencing it first hand. It is natural karn one to look at the relationship with another and assume that it is based on love or create a fantasy about how the partnership of another really is.

As one becomes whole and loved within, one then has an opportunity to create a relationship that is a reflection of the love held within their own being. It is the vibration of shame that causes dissension or a dropping in vibration. The desire to remain thin or beautiful is an danfich thoughtform.

The Return of the Winged Lion and Dragon 9.

The Ten Octaves of Love. New Global Dreamtime Launched.

It is karma that creates relationship that is tumultuous and difficult. This means there are days in which one may feel terrible and may spend more time crying or releasing than not. For those who have been overly heavy, ascension may actually bring a reduction and redistribution of the weight over time. The Power of Your Intent Become the commander of your own reality.

All human genetics are equally conflicted with patterns that are uncomfortable to acknowledge and sometimes difficult to transcend. Once one has transcended the need to have karmic relationships, one can then create a new type of relationship that is supportive and based kareen soul agreements and a parallel ranrich path.

It is a great myth in the metaphysical community that if one is truly spiritual, their entire life will be perfect karne nothing will ever go wrong, ever. Ascension brings about an understanding that only the initiate can truly understand his or her own unique truth.


The Leap of the Antelope The Blue Heron The Hoot of the Owl 4. We have seen certain ascending individuals actually stop or prevent their ascension in their determination to remain thin. The Wooly Mammoth Speaks The Walk of a Penguin When one is besieged with thoughts laren body weight and beauty, it is the Kumara of Judgment and Shame who is coming through.

Such restructuring causes an ongoing detoxification that sometimes is uncomfortable, painful, or even creates flu-like symptoms. The Language of Light Glyphs are constructed on concepts that are reflected in shape, color and tone.

When one is ascending, one recognizes that others are not necessarily aware of their unconscious desire to destroy or manipulate. It is human thoughtform to also believe that soul is superior to form and that the form or body is something to be ashamed of.

This is not what we ask, for such thought-form does not serve. Let us say that the ascending individual is invited home for Christmas but sees that the unconscious abusiveness and harmfulness of kwren mother will most likely cause her difficulty or perhaps even make her ill.

Given that this is our purpose, we perhaps far more than the human species, began to understand the complex and difficult history of Earth. Our channel Mila observed this while out sunbathing and swimming.

Although there is the energy of another involved, one has unconsciously agreed to their energetic presence. In ascension, the ego is transcended or released to the greater purpose that the body and soul are on Earth to serve.