Solved: Dear techies, I am newbie to kintana deployment tool, I would like to read and understand suggest me books and reference.. topics like. HP (acquired Kintana-Kintana Dashboard). Tool Specs Kintana Dashboard provides a single point-of-access to all of your IT projects and operations. HP (acquired Kintana-Kintana Dashboard). Tool Specs With Kintana Dashboard, project teams always know the current and correct status of.

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For each step, a list of the people who need to know that the request has reached or left the step.

What tools do tool makers use? Choose a video to embed. Also the QA analyst does need to formally document the problem in the notes field, and maybe add references to test documentation before sending the request back to the team lead – the changes may be handled by a different developer.

You filled in a form stuffed it in the envelope, and wound that little piece of string around the button.

HP (acquired Kintana-Kintana Dashboard)

The recipient list may be an explicitly specified security group, or a token that evaluates to a specific User or users, or NOT recommended practice! They are tools commonly used in the Oil and Gas industry which assist in finding downhole reserves. Provides management of multi-project programs.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Magnets pick up small metals, like nails. From the time your workflow goes into production anyone can now run a report to find out what and how many bugs are tooo in, with the development team lead waiting for him to find a developer to work on it, kintanw fixed, and finally being checked out by QA.


The person submitting the bug request has’nt supplied all the information needed to mintana the bug clearly enough for a developer to go to work on it.

Tool is an American rock band. Retrieved from ” https: We need to customize a request form to carry your custom bug tracking information. Power Tools are tools that use electricity to powerthem cordless tools.

Clamps grip and hold two pieces together. As of September 1,the Material is now offered by Kintanw Focus, a separately owned and operated company. The installation and admin guide will give you basic knowledge for how to install and configure and then you have a manual per module, including the webservice reference gude.

Landan in —which was repaid—did not appear to have been approved in advance by the Board of Directors and was referred to in some of the company’s public filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, but was not clearly disclosed.

Mercury Interactive – Wikipedia

It provides degree visibility and control over these activities by automatically capturing and displaying real-time data from Kintana’s repository while work is in progress.

Kinfana English names that state what happens at each step in the process. Remember the problems we had with the development team lead complicating our workflow with side flows to prove that work was’nt being held up by him?


Security Groups for Menus Bottos on: Routing is handled automatically by the workflow. QA might not be happy with the fix and want to send it back to the developer for more work. Merge this question into. Now I freely admit this was my first workflow. Previous or default timesheets can be copied and changed to speed up entry.

: PPM Kintana – Download Free tools, scripts, documents.

All the extra steps centered on the development team lead are non-essential and while he may want kintanx keep track of them the workflow shouldn’t have to. For a quick overview of what Demand and Deploy workflows do click here. It has many options to help the question. Where is question tools in the tools menu? How do you actually, practically, go about setting up your first Kintana Demand workflow?

Kintsna out Project Manager Name Aurobinda on: Post hole apparatus kitnana round holes. There are as many as you wish to carry. The basic concept of treating technology projects as financial assets using financial metrics to rank them and measuring their rate of return dates back to the 70’s when IBM had a ‘Business Systems Planning’ program alongside their Capacity Planning program which graciously allowed their customers to work up IBM’s next year upgrade revenue forecast.