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The lateral tubercles may be blunt [some Amorphoscelinae e. On the lower numerical end there are species with less than 50 antennomeres, as in Compsothespis, Haaniinae, and Hoplocorypha.

Both genera show similar morpho-logical traits that are correlated with their deserticolous lifestyle: Separated inter-cervicalia state 1 are also present in several Man-todea [Mantoida Fig.

The head capsule may carry bulging and sometimes pointed elevations between the compound eye and the corresponding parietal furrow on either side. The largest num-bers of antennomeres in this study were found in two males prajtikum Archimantis gracilis and antennomeres and the male of Theopompa tosta antennomeres.

Die Morphologie vieler Strukturen wurde in Hinblick auf den Fossilbericht diskutiert. The processes of two neighbouring antennomeres are bent in the same direction with opposite points of inflection, thus giving the impression of a bipectinate antenna Wood-Mason a: Wieland found support for the group being para-phyletic with respect to Paraoxypilinae based on morpho-logical characters of the ventral prothorax see characters 25 and The species is encoded as state 2.


In this 32species, newly hatched nymphs measure approximately 7 mm, whereas the adult females measure about 24 mm Schulze, pers.

Autapomorphic characters for Artimantodea if Metallyticus falls outside of Artimanto-dea have not been mentioned. Therefore, the reasons for assigning the C. Cervix, ventral cervical sclerites: Their bodies are stout and both sexes are micropterous. Among them is the presence of an interantennal zoologiaches bordering zooolgisches characteristic scu-tellum of the mantodean frons see characters The latter character was also discussed zoologisces by Wood-Mason keknthal. Members of the empusid subgroups were studied by Wieland In most species, however, the sclerites are medi-ally adjoining or zoologischee fused.

The African genera Galinthias Stl,Pseudoharpax Saussure,and Congoharpax La Greca, on the other hand formed a monophyletic group that came out more proxi-mally in the cladogram than the remaining Hymenopodi-dae.

Volume 1: Evolution, Systematics, and Biogeography

It is elongated thus forming a post-cervical plate in the remaining Mantodea. Roy a published a revision of Empusidae, discussed its characteristic morphological traits Roy a: Fossils, behaviour and ontogenetic observations were used for the interpretation of these structures and the discussion of evolutionary scenarios.

They ana-lysed nine genes approximately 9. This indicates that the spines were not developed in these spaces or were possibly lost during nymphal development see also Henry Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii,head in oblique anterior view. Both have a common symplesiomorphic trait intercervica-lia separatedbut no synapomorphies could be found.

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Kkentjal categorized the group into 15 families with 48 subfamilies and 46 tribes see Tab. Instead, the elongations apparently originate from the sclerotizations between the ommatidia, which may bear setae and other structures in various insect taxa.


Die potentielle Wahrscheinlichkeit dieses Szenarios wurde im Detail diskutiert. A ridge on the clypeus is missing in Blattodea and several Mantodea including Chaeteessa, Mantoida, Metal-lyticus, Amorphoscelidae and Eremiaphilidae, among others.

Volume 1: Evolution, Systematics, and Biogeography – – böcker () | Adlibris Bokhandel

The function of the lateral tubercles has been discussed by Edmunds Furthermore, Exparoxypilus afri-canus was described from Tanzania by Beier The T-shaped sclerite forms a distinct plate between the coxal insertion and the cervix, which is termed the post-cervical plate herein.

Cladograms of Sibyllidae and Toxoderini. Furthermore, these terms morphologically apply to the relative position of the mouthparts with respect to other structures of the head capsule, e.

Im Laufe der Evolution sind mindestens vier distinkte Typen von Grabdornen unabhngig voneinander entstan-den: A detailed evaluation of this character can be found in the morpholo-gical descriptions see chapter 4. Monophyly also finds sup-port in the perforated corpotentorium through which the ganglionic connectives pass.

The fossil record of Cretaceous Mantodea was reviewed and summarized by Grimaldi The latter is true for many Iridopterygidae genera compare generic diagnoses in Ehrmann