March 20, The Cascadia Wolves series books have gotten a facelift with Reluctant Mate. Prequel. Pack Enforcer. Book 1. Wolves’ Triad. The complete series list for – Cascadia Wolves Lauren Dane. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, 1 Tri Mates / Wolves’ Triad. Paranormal. Get the Audible Audio Editions of the Cascadia Wolves series from the Cascadia Wolves, Book 1; By: Lauren Dane; Narrated by: Tanya Eby; Length: 1 hr and.

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And she keeps Lex on his toes really from beginning to end. Layla has other plans, but when you’re a werewolf, biology trumps plans.

There are a few niggly bits i wasn’t keen on which is why it’s 4 instead of 5 stars. Lex has all the luck, his mate could be a nice passive wolf Wolf UnboundBook 4. And there was a fighting scene, where you just want to just cheer casxadia Nina and what she does and how incredibly brave and creative she is.

Cascadia Wolves

Free with day trial. There was not one redeeming quality to her character. Bitten and turned against his will, Gabriel’s new life as a shifter has casxadia him to more problems that as a human, wanted dead by rouge wolves he runs to his sister for help, only this time she may not be able to help him. Lex and Cade made her think she’ had standing in the pack until she’s challenged and then all the sudden she finds out she’s more like a pack “guest” with no rights.

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Return to Book Page. Then I felt awful for her and thought she gave in way too easily when it came to Lex. One thing I want in books I read is a strong first kick ass heroine an Having read 2 of Lauren Dane’s books previously I know I enjoyed her writing so I had high hope for this one. During this time, Lex realizes that Nina is his mate the one person who’s made for him and who’s DNA will merge with his in a mating bond.


Cascadia Wolves | Lauren Dane

Living in the rainy but beautiful Pacific Northwest, Lauren Dane has been writing stories since she was able to use a pencil, and before that she used to tell them to people. I enjoyed the continued progression of the overall story arc. She didn’t expect to find her mate so soon, but Nick, second to the Pacific pack’s Alpha, is undeniably hers. Layla, driven by confusion and fear, heads out of contact while a frantic Sid looks for her. I did get a bit eolves because it felt like all they did was fight about everything it seemed like.

She is a much, much better dand now than this book suggests. The series, mainly set in Seattle, has two standalone stories and four interconnected books with individual HEAs and a multiple book story arc.

She knocked him sideways with her sarcasm and humour but also her confidence in her ability to help herself, her brother and even himself.

As an unmated alpha, Cade was beginning to believe his entire life would be dedicated to the pack. Especially when all of the sudden her female lead must fuck her love interest’s brother, because he’s the Alpha of the pack and it’s not enough that she has a bond with one wolf. She still goes for a plot and it is interesting enough, but then fails with the characters.

There’s trouble with a traitor in the pack and Lex believes Gabriel may have some info that will lead him in the right direction. The cover features a back view of a muscular male holding what could be a weapon. I am very curious about laurem rest of the series and can’t wait to pick these up as they come out.

I don’t ‘get’ the two lead males – they were less Alpha and Enforcer Cascadia Wolves was recommended to me by more than one person. Lists with This Book. But, the development of the strong sisterhoods and the erotic nature of her work are both here. The Cascadia Wolves series follows the Warden siblings as each finds a mate.

Nina soon took on the role of mother to Gabriel, trying her best but regularly failing to keep him out of trouble. There are missing viral agents, the werewolf mafia, death threats, arson and a whole lot of scorching sex and acerbic wit between them.


Series Review: Cascadia Wolves by Lauren Dane

She does forgive Lex and eventually Cade and the pack but it makes it very hard to trust the pack and it’s something she struggles with through the end of the book. In the end, they’re able to resolve the situation with the bad guys to a point, there’s still one out there to cause trouble in future books xane Nina and Lex work things out and start their HEA.

Add into it jealously over his anchor bond with her sister and things go from bad to worse. It was just okay then, and with nothing extra added and nothing being changed She depends on herself, so it’s not easy for her to trust anyone. I may try more of her work in the future.

Cascadia Wolves Series Audiobooks |

I really liked this book and Nina went down as one a favorite female characters when she mouths off to Lex – the most feared wolf in North America calling him “wolf boy” and tells him, as he smiles his most endearing smile, “Yeah,I’m sure that works on all the puppies down at the shelter.

Also, while the concept of werewolves and humans coexisting in the world is intriguing — despite having been done — Dane fails to make her world-building aspects engaging. What Are You Reading? Notify me of new posts wolvez email.

Together they are freaking crazy!

Her and her brother, Gabriel, lost their parents at an early age and they ended up out on the streets with Nina doing whatever she could to make money for them to live. Two people tied together in every way.