Liberami – Italian Edition of Release Me! Liberami – Release Me by J. Kenner in Italian. I got a box of foreign editions recently! Check out the. [Read Online] Liberami J Kenner [PDF]. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Liberami J. Download or Read Online liberami j kenner book in our library is free for you. We provide copy of liberami j kenner in digital format, so the resources that you find.

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That’s for everyone to find out. Nov 23, Spoiler Whore-Momoa rated it really liked it Shelves: I didn’t love or hate kfnner dialogue. Uber wealthy, uber handsome Dom meets scarred Sub who never Nikki Fairchild meets Damien Stark at the opening of an art show.

He is as expected, a control freak, powerful, confident, protective lberami not smothering, hot and sexy. Do you know what passion is?

J Kenner is a good author. Some secrets are revealed and hints of more secrets to be revealed in the next instalment. One second he was sweet and passionate, and next second he was completely distant and shut off.

And he knows what to do ladies It was refreshing to see a character that was well educated kenneer degrees in both electrical engineering and computer science.


D She’s not very understanding as a character and in almost every tricky situation she manages to form a totally wrong conclusion and fight with whoever she thinks did something wrong. I just need MORE. I want you wet for me.

I mean heck, if you’re gonna write about a bazillionaire, ya gotta have all the perks! I was affraid of one, but fortunatelly author decided not to torture her readers.

So,if you are looking for hardcore BDSM,you won’t find that here. Other books in the series. Nikki wants Damien too, but libearmi is afraid.

Sometimes a book just doesn’t click for a person and this time that’s what happened to me, but I don’t think it should put you off, plenty of readers loved it and it’s a good read to which I will definitely be reading book two. Pick your verb, Ms.

How can a girl refuse? We’re going to blow the roof off pleasure. This is another one of those books that will inevitably be compared to Fifty Shades and the Crossfire books which is really going to deter as many readers as it attracts but, in my opinion at least, this is a really good one, even if it is very similar.

Release Me (Stark Trilogy, #1) by J. Kenner

I didn’t want to read something exactly the same but craved something alike. What’s up with that? I thought it was lacking in emotional depth, resulting in a failure to really connect as a reader with the characters. OK, so why the 2 star rating?


I love Damien keenner Nikki together. I’m off to read Claim Me.

Luckily for me this author has managed to stay away from that over played stereo type! My Nikki and Damien: How could he forget the only woman he ever wanted? I’m going yo claim you. Follow them as Damien sets out not only to seduce her, but to possess her.

Release Me

BDSM isn’t a mediocre thing. Turns kebner, Nikki has some dark secrets in her past and she’s not quite ready for Damien to find out all the ugly scars she’s been hiding After losing her sister, and escaping her mother’s control, she’s determined to make it on her own.

They have a spark. Because the reasons that she did View all 31 comments. The messed-up best friend. Didn’t work for me. He is Jason and Hercules and Perseus – a figure so strong and beautiful and heroic that the blood of the gods must flow through him, liberqmi how else could a being so fine exist in this world?